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701C: Electrical Stimulator

The 701C is a high-powered, bi-phase stimulator designed to meet the specific needs of muscle researchers. Regardless of solution composition, electrode size or electrode spacing, the 701C will deliver the power and flexibility you need for the most demanding of field stimulation protocols.

The unit can generate positive and negative pulses, as well as pulses of alternating bi-phase polarity. Pulse patterns produced by a computer or external device can also be used to control stimulator output, eliminating the need for multi-device synchronization.

The 701C provides constant current or voltage mode. When doing field stimulation in constant voltage mode, the current is dependent on the concentration of salt in the bath. As the concentration changes, so will the stimulation current. However, in current stimulation mode, stimulation remains constant regardless of changes to bath solution composition. The option to switch between these modes can be significant, depending on the research application and measurement objectives.

The ideal solution for field stimulation with the flexibility and control required for use as a nerve and in-situ muscle stimulator.

  • constant current and constant voltage mode with positive, negative and bi-phase output
  • current output up to 1 Amp
  • voltage output up to 80 Volts
  • on/off output switch for operator safety
  • rise-fall time of less than 5 μs
  • TTL control follow mode
  • can be controlled using DMC program or 600A digital controller
  • voltage, current and pulse timing outputs

701C – A True Stimulator For Field and Nerve Stimulation


In 2009 Dr. Clifford Bayer of the VA Medical Center in Boise, Idaho was using an Aurora Scientific 701B stimulator and other equipment to study the necrotic infection after skeletal muscle injury. The 701B had been released a number of years earlier, but was designed only for field stimulation; it was difficult to precisely control the amount of current delivered to stimulate a nerve in-vivo. Dr. Bayer’s work was hampered by the inability to precisely control the current output.


Aurora Scientific’s R&D team worked quickly to have a new stimulator that was high power enough for field stimulation but could deliver small and precise amounts of current for directly stimulating an animal’s nerve.  A discrete mode switch was added to distinctly identify whether it was delivering a constant voltage or constant current controlled pulse.  The stimulator also took on a smaller form factor saving space and reducing cost, allowing it to outperform its rivals at a more affordable price.


Dr. Bayer was able to gain valuable data because of the 701B redesign. With in-situ and in-vivo measurements increasing in interest for science research, the stimulator has become a reliable mainstay for all Aurora Scientific test systems. More recently other features such as sync and monitors for both voltage and current have been added.  The unique ‘constant current’ feature has changed paradigms regarding how stimulation protocols are written and referenced and made a previous generation of stimulator isolation units for constant current completely obsolete.

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