Isometric Whole Animal System for Mice

The Isometric Whole Animal System provides flexible and accurate measurement of rodent muscle properties in-vivo.

The 1301A is a high performing, precise test system, giving researchers a simple method to measure isometric mechanical properties of muscle. Utilizing our 490 series torque transducer, researchers have an excellent choice for basic isometric measurements such as twitch, tetanus, force-frequency and fatigue when throughput or lowering cost is a major consideration. Each torque transducer model is capable of measuring applied torque in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions enabling measurements of antagonistic muscle groups across the joints of mice. The torque sensor heads are exceptionally durable, yet still offer the same low compliance and sensitivity as our motorized 300 series.

The system comes with a mouse apparatus, complete with temperature-controlled animal and limb plates designed to support and fix the animal and limb being tested. This system also includes our high-power, bi-phasic stimulator and all required electrodes for subcutaneous muscle and/or nerve stimulation.

Control and analysis software comes pre-loaded on a custom PC, making the process of experimental setup, data collection and data analysis consistent and reliable. With our control and analysis software (DMC/DMA), parameters such as resting force, stimulation and common mechanics experiments are set and ready to use.

809C with 490A in-vivo

mouse platform for in-vivo measurements

  • high experimental throughput
  • designed for basic isometric protocols

  • ideal for live animal protocols, enabling longitudinal analysis

  • bi-directional torque measurement

  • exceptionally durable, with low compliance and sensitivity

  • fast data acquisition and analysis software for Windows operating systems

  • dual purpose field/nerve stimulator

  • turn-key functionality

Survivable Measurements of Muscle Function

The isometric in-vivo system allows researchers to assess antagonistic muscle groups of the hindlimb and provide a convenient platform for longitudinal analysis, compound screening, phenotype evaluation, and comparison of murine models.

High Throughput Software Capability

Experience high-throughput data analysis, including batch processing and multi-parameter calculations for hundreds of muscle samples within minutes. Downstream analysis can be completed within Aurora Scientific DMC/DMA software or exported to your analysis program of choice.

Standard Protocol Library

The protocol library includes a variety of muscle experiments for mouse in-vivo studies. Protocols include system operation and data acquisition settings optimized for measurement needs. Custom protocols can be added to streamline system operation with multiple lab members.

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System Components

490A: Torque Transducer

490A: Torque Transducer

The 400C series of force transducers is the next generation of our widely used 400A and 400B series. The 400C series enables contractile measurements from a variety of muscle types and sizes and are designed to meet the needs of muscle researchers.

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605A: Dynamic Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

605A: Dynamic Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Precise, custom software designed for real-time data acquisition, instrument control and data analysis with unique, integrative features. Includes force and SL control capability

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701C: Electrical Stimulator

701C: Electrical Stimulator

Our high-powered, bi-phase stimulator designed for muscle researchers conducting the most demanding field stimulation protocols.

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809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus

809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus

A beautifully designed, flexible apparatus for easily measuring in vitro, in situ and in vivo muscle properties in mice

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608C-LCD Monitor

608C: LCD Monitor

A 22” widescreen LCD monitor providing high quality visualization of data collection

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Parts & Accessories

Model # 1301A
300-FP Footplate for mouse in-vivo measurements that clamps to a 490 series torque transducer
808-6 Upright knee clamp designed for mouse that uses a horizontal dowel pin with pad for non-invasive knee restraint during in-vivo or in-situ experiments. It mounts on our family of 3-in-1 apparatus.
830A Half-rack adapter that allows half-rack instruments to be mounted in standard 19” racking. Works with models: 315D/322D, 400C series, 490A series, 701C and 825A.
831A Heavy gauge, steel desktop or shelf-top rack, with standard 19” width for any Aurora Scientific instruments. Available in various heights. (6U high for 1200C and 1300A, 5U high for 1400A, 1500A and 1600A systems).