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Software Activation

This form is used to activate your new Aurora Scientific software product. Our 600A, VSL, HVSL and FluoroTrack Linux-based products, as well as our DMC and DMA Windows-based products, are activated through the following form.

The activation code that this form requests comes from the software you are trying to activate. It will provide you with a number in the format (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx), where x represents any alphanumeric character, and you can enter that code here. This code may have been pre-populated by the program if you were brought to this activation page that way.

We require your contact information so that we can send you information about product updates and so that we can keep track of the version of the software you have. With this information we can provide you better technical support. If you do not wish to receive product update notices in the future, please un-check the box labelled Send Product Updates. Please note that if you receive the update notices, you are under no requirement to update your software, and if you choose to not receive the notices, you will still be able to come to this page and get updates as desired.

Software Activation Form

When you click the Activate! button below, the information on this form will be stored in our database. This will lock your copy of the software to the machine you got the activation code from (if it is not the machine you are currently on). If for some reason you need to change the machine your software is on, you will have to contact us.

Activation Code:
Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Send Product Updates:
All information collected on this form is stored in our databases for Aurora Scientific's use to inform you of product updates and provide technical support. We will never lease, license or sell your contact information to any third parties, for any reason.