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Aurora Scientific is committed to creating products that answer questions and solve problems.

For over thirty years Aurora Scientific measurement instrumentation has been the choice of leading science researchers around the world. Our selection of Dual-Mode lever systems and force transducers are used in a broad array of life science research specialties, including exercise and metabolism, cardiology, injury recovery, gerontology, disease progression, pharmacology and more. Our fast response sensors are considered benchmark instruments in olfaction research studying odor dynamics and pheromone/plume dispersion, and our mechanical stimulator technology is used in studies of the neuronal response to touch, pain and stretch. Many instruments have also been adapted for use by material science researchers studying the properties of artificial muscle, locomotion and nanomaterials. Legacy instruments used in the field of environmental monitoring and mine operations are still in use today.

Core Values

Aurora Scientific, a trusted provider of instrumentation for research in muscle physiology, neuroscience and material science.

Aurora Scientific supports the scientific community in its goal of research and discovery by providing instrumentation of the highest quality design, construction and functionality. Our commitment to quality products, to understanding our clients’ experimental needs, to superior support and service and to a corporate sense of responsibility and integrity, have earned us the trust and support of researchers around the world. We are honoured to be a part of the cycle of discovery that has the potential to improve health and change lives.

The values that we promote with our clients and within our organization are:

  • Loyalty – faithfulness to the commitment we’ve made to those who we deal with and to the principles that guide us
  • Integrity – acting according to our moral and ethical principles; fulfilling our promises and standing behind our performance
  • Dedication – a steady belief in the value of our work, allowing us to withstand setbacks in the pursuit of a solution
  • Collaboration – work based on shared values and objectives and on mutual trust and support, the key to solving problems
  • Humility – confidence and pride in what we do, yet with an awareness that we are just one part of a larger objective. We celebrate our successes with discretion and those of our clients with respect.
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In 1982 Dr. David James of the University of Toronto founded S+J Engineering Inc., a firm focused on providing engineering consulting and contract R&D services to industry and government. Geoff Chandler joined the firm in 1984 and together he and David developed several unique R&D instruments, including extensional flow rheometers, fast response chemical concentration sensors, a laser Doppler velocimeter and pressure-reducing devices for use in CANDU nuclear power stations. Clients included Defence Research Canada, US Dugway Proving Ground, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan and International Paper.

In 1997 David and Geoff became business partners and relocated the company to Aurora, Ontario, changing the name to Aurora Scientific Inc.  In the same year they acquired the muscle lever and force transducer product lines from a highly respected US company. In the ensuing years Aurora Scientific has grown its product offerings to include new, faster lever systems, an extended range of force transducers, test apparatus, data acquisition and control hardware and software and field stimulators. The company has also begun producing products for the growing neuroscience research community, fast response gas sensors for olfaction research and instruments for nociception research. More recently Aurora Scientific has engaged the expanding material science research community with the introduction of material test systems.

In 2008 David retired from Aurora Scientific. Ownership then became shared by Geoff Chandler and Joan Chandler, a member of senior management for many years. Since then Geoff and Joan have grown the company significantly and opened offices in Dublin and in Hong Kong to better serve their clients in those regions. Aurora Scientific now provides high quality research instruments to researchers in more than 42 countries world-wide and occupies a new 6000 square foot facility located in Aurora, Ontario.

On April 17, 2023 Aurora Scientific Inc. has been acquired by Lafayette Instrument Company and is now a wholly owned subsidiary thereof. The acquisition brings together two leading companies with decades of experience in their respective specialties of life science. Geoff Chandler, Aurora Scientific’s former owner and President will continue to stay on at the company as its Chief Technology Officer. He writes, “We are excited to partner with Lafayette Instrument Company to grow our business, expand our customer base, and continue to improve our product offerings and support.” To read the full statement about the value this partnership brings, click here.

Performance Guarantee

Aurora Scientific has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing and servicing research instruments. We stand behind all our products and strive for the highest level of customer service possible. And we are dedicated to providing you with products that allow you to meet your research goals. For this reason we offer a Performance Guarantee, free technical support and a new product warranty.

Our unique Performance Guarantee states that if, for any reason, a new product does not meet your research needs then you can return it to Aurora Scientific for exchange or a full refund within 90 days of receipt of the instrument. This promise is intended to ensure that you purchase the correct instrument for your research. Click here for full details.

Aurora Scientific Inc. is dedicated to providing you with products and service that allow you to meet your research goals. For this reason technical assistance is always free and will be available for the life of your product. Please contact us if you have any technical support issues.

Finally, please know that all Aurora products are backed by a three year warranty covering both parts and labour. Please contact us with any technical support issues. Please click here for full details.

For more information about Aurora Scientific’s Performance Guarantee, free technical assistance, our warranty or any of our policies or procedures, please contact us directly. We would be very pleased to take the time to answer any questions you may have.

“Given our interest in the contribution of mitochondria to muscle wasting diseases, force production is key to our research. We investigate novel compounds that may slow muscle weakness in various disorders. Using rat and mouse models, we assess force production in hindlimb, quadriceps and diaphragm strips and the flexibility of the 1305A system has permitted us to add these muscles to our portfolio over time. The data generated has been key for our publications and new directions in the lab and working directly with Matt and Chris, the students have learned valuable skills as these methods have been incorporated. “
Dr. Christopher Perry, PhD, York University
dr frank brozovich

“I have used Aurora Scientific equipment in my laboratory for over 15 years, and there is no question that it just works, day after day. Aurora Scientific’s expertise is reflected in the easy to use platform that is truly plug and play. Over the years, I have recommended Aurora to many colleagues, and no one has been disappointed.”

Frank Brozovich, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Silke Berger

“Measuring the active and passive force of our zebrafish larvae using the 1500A: Isolated Muscle System has added a deeper level of understanding of our zebrafish muscle mutants in the lab. It is an extremely valuable diagnostic tool and adds another edge to our research. The technical support from Aurora Scientific is outstanding. The team knows their systems literally inside-out and are always extremely responsive and helpful to solve any issue or question we have. It is a true pleasure to work with them!”

Prof. Silke Berger, Monash University (ARMI)
Chen-Ming Fan, PhD

“Our recent publication in Nature Medicine would not have been possible without the help of the Aurora Scientific team and the 1300A in-situ system.”

“The experience that I have had with Aurora Scientific could be described as reliable and friendly. The reliability of our 1300A 3-in-1 system for mice has made a superb contribution to our research endeavors which has resulted in several papers published, with several more to come. I would highly recommend Aurora to my colleagues as the system allows scientists to obtain in-vivo muscle function data in a non-invasive and longitudinal manner. “

Zhen Yan, PhD, University of Virginia
Leo Ferreira, PhD

“The equipment and customer support I have received from Aurora Scientific is amazing. Their engineers and software developers have spent countless hours tailoring protocols, software, and apparatuses to meet my needs. Their support and assistance have strengthened my research tremendously. I consider my relationship with Aurora Scientific to be a true partnership.”

Leo Ferreira, PhD, University of Florida
dr fabio minozzo
“I’ve worked with Aurora Scientific for more than five years now. Their systems, including software and hardware, are solid and reliable. But, above all, their personnel are what makes ASI a unique company: their people are not only experts in their fields but they are also friendly and extremely helpful. Their support works fast and they never let you down. Considering all together, I strongly recommend ASI.”
Dr. Fabio Minozzo, PhD, McGill University
Meghan Hughes

“Technical support is the #1 reason I would recommend Aurora Scientific to colleagues. They are incredibly responsive and go out of their way to answer questions and make sure we get the protocols we need up and running. Chris in particular has spent a ton of time helping design protocols, helping set up equipment over Skype and in person and reviewing data files to ensure everything is running smoothly. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their products. Chris and Matt go above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to collect good data. They provide the best technical service and support out of any company I have worked with to date.”

Meghan Hughes, York University
Robert Grange

“I have enjoyed a long partnership with Aurora Scientific because of their willingness to collaborate on new projects and to see them through to completion. They listen to feedback and continually strive to improve their products. I appreciate this collaborative spirit, as it makes it easy and fun to bring my ideas to reality.”

Robert Grange, PhD, Virginia Tech

“As a muscle physiologist interested in physical function and muscle contraction changes during aging, Aurora’s products are critical to the mission of my lab as we seek to quantify underlying mechanisms that contribute to muscle dysfunction. We use both isolated muscle ex vivo and intact mouse in vivo protocols. Having the ability to switch between the two motifs in our 1300a system, with a minimal amount of rearranging, is helpful when lab space is at a premium, and is cost efficient. Customizing our equipment purchase for our unique needs was easily accomplished with the support of Aurora

Ted G. Graber, PhD, East Carolina University

“Several Aurora Scientific systems are in use in my lab. Their equipment has allowed us to generate precise, publishable data for many years. Their local support team has a good relationship with my lab workers, allowing us to resolve issues quickly and with a minimum of disruption. I consider them to be a valued collaborator in our work.”

Coen Ottenheijm, PhD, Vrie Universitet

“We have used Aurora Scientific equipment in our lab to assess contractile muscle function and to induce eccentric muscle damage in our animal models.  It has provided us with a highly valuable tool to further our research and provide us with a functional outcome to our cellular and molecular studies.  In addition to the equipment being of top quality, it is the service that elevates Aurora above other research equipment companies.  The representatives are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to our software and equipment enquiries.  This has greatly enhanced our experimental and analyses throughput.  I recommend Aurora highly and without hesitation.”

Thomas Hawke, PhD, McMaster University
Carter Ralphe, PhD

“The Aurora Scientific 801C Small Intact Muscle Apparatus is a real work horse in our lab. It has been employed almost daily for the past 8 years, generating detailed contractile data from our mouse and human engineered cardiac constructs. Geoff and Aurora Scientific have worked to tailor their system to our needs, adapting the apparatus to be able to measure oxygen consumption, calcium transients, and force generation in our small muscle preparations. There is no other off-the-shelf system available with similar capabilities. Aurora Scientific stands by their products, and have proven to be very reliable partners in research.”

“I have been using ASI equipment since 2004. We are into our third generation of in-vitro muscle testing equipment and have always found it to be reliable, robust and that it does what it is supposed to do and with few surprises. In that time Geoff and his staff have always been helpful and honest in their dealings with us. When a problem has come up, customer support has always been timely and terrific.  I have recommended ASI equipment to others in the field and will continue to do so in the future.”

Rene Vandenboom, PhD, Brock University

“I have used the Aurora Scientific system for more than 3 years. The system was well designed and manufactured.  It provides us what we want about our muscle samples. The system is stable and reliable after many years of use. Meanwhile, what makes the system more reliable is their technical support. The technician is not only expert in the field, but also helpful person. So happy to work with Aurora Scientific System!”

Ning Zhang, PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Pieter De Tombe

“I’ve worked with Aurora Scientific and have used their equipment in my lab for many years. They have always provided useful tools at a fair price. They have the best interests of the researcher at heart and have always tried to help when needed.”

Pieter de Tombe, PhD, Loyola University, Chicago

Research Areas

Aurora Scientific is proud to create solutions and support innovation in three key Research Areas, Muscle Physiology, Neuroscience and Materials Science.  Click through to explore popular applications within these three research areas, read customer case studies and select publications and view associated product information…

Muscle Physiology Applications

Muscle Physiology

Aurora Scientific’s muscle physiology products are designed to test the force-length-velocity characteristics of all types of muscle ranging from  myocytes to dog hind limb muscle. Our muscle physiology instruments include Dual-Mode levers, length controllers, force transducers, stimulators, experimental apparatus and data acquisition hardware and software. With our complete systems, physiologists can precisely measure force, length, sarcomere length and ratiometric calcium and execute various muscle physiology protocols such as twitch, tetanus, fatigue, force-frequency, force-velocity, stiffness and work loops.

Neuroscience Applications


Aurora Scientific has developed innovative test systems for olfactory research to validate odors and to track pheromone and plume dispersion.  In addition, our celebrated Dual-Mode muscle levers are used as mechanical stimulators to provide precise and controlled force output for researchers measuring neuronal response to touch, pain and stretch. Furthermore, many neurophysiologists study an interdisciplinary field of neuroscience and muscle physiology, looking at neural activation and sensory feedback of muscle tissue. Aurora Scientific’s Dual-Mode levers aid in characterizing muscle mechanics in models of neural regeneration and disease.

Materials Science Applications

Materials Science

Aurora Scientific’s unique Dual-Mode muscle lever aids a variety of researchers looking at materials such as MEMS, hydrogels, artificial muscle, nanowires and carbon fibers. Easily and accurately measure tensile strength, elasticity, detaching force, shear fracture and deformation of most materials with the control and measurement of both force and length. Other Aurora Scientific products useful in materials research include our line of high-speed length controllers and our ultra-low compliance, high-sensitivity force transducers.

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