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Trusted instruments for... Muscle Physiology Olfaction & PainMaterials Science

Trusted instruments for muscle physiology, neuroscience and materials science research

Aurora Scientific is committed to creating products that answer questions and solve problems.

We value excellence, innovation, responsiveness and the satisfaction of a job well done. And we share the researcher’s desire to broaden the boundaries of knowledge and understanding.

Muscle Physiology

Aurora Scientific’s muscle physiology products are designed to test the force-length-velocity characteristics of all types of muscle ranging from  myocytes to dog hind limb muscle. Our muscle physiology instruments include Dual-Mode levers, length controllers, force transducers, stimulators, experimental apparatus and data acquisition hardware and software. With our complete systems, physiologists can precisely measure force, length, sarcomere length and ratiometric calcium and execute various muscle physiology protocols such as twitch, tetanus, fatigue, force-frequency, force-velocity, stiffness and work loops.


Aurora Scientific has developed innovative test systems for olfactory research to validate odors and to track pheromone and plume dispersion.  In addition, our celebrated Dual-Mode muscle levers are used as mechanical stimulators to provide precise and controlled force output for researchers measuring neuronal response to touch, pain and stretch. Furthermore, many neurophysiologists study an interdisciplinary field of neuroscience and muscle physiology, looking at neural activation and sensory feedback of muscle tissue. Aurora Scientific’s Dual-Mode levers aid in characterizing muscle mechanics in models of neural regeneration and disease.

Materials Science

Aurora Scientific’s unique Dual-Mode muscle lever aids a variety of researchers looking at materials such as MEMS, hydrogels, artificial muscle, nanowires and carbon fibers. Easily and accurately measure tensile strength, elasticity, detaching force, shear fracture and deformation of most materials with the control and measurement of both force and length. Other Aurora Scientific products useful in materials research include our line of high-speed length controllers and our ultra-low compliance, high-sensitivity force transducers.

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Aurora Scientific has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing and servicing research instruments.

We stand behind all our products and strive for the highest level of customer service possible. And we are dedicated to providing you with products that allow you to meet your research goals. For this reason we offer a Performance Guarantee, free technical support and a new product warranty.

Silke Berger

“Measuring the active and passive force of our zebrafish larvae using the 1500A: Isolated Muscle System has added a deeper level of understanding of our zebrafish muscle mutants in the lab. It is an extremely valuable diagnostic tool and adds another edge to our research. The technical support from Aurora Scientific is outstanding. The team knows their systems literally inside-out and are always extremely responsive and helpful to solve any issue or question we have. It is a true pleasure to work with them!”

Prof. Silke Berger, Monash University (ARMI)
Leo Ferreira, PhD

“The equipment and customer support I have received from Aurora Scientific is amazing. Their engineers and software developers have spent countless hours tailoring protocols, software, and apparatuses to meet my needs. Their support and assistance have strengthened my research tremendously. I consider my relationship with Aurora Scientific to be a true partnership.”

Leo Ferreira, PhD, University of Florida

“As a muscle physiologist interested in physical function and muscle contraction changes during aging, Aurora’s products are critical to the mission of my lab as we seek to quantify underlying mechanisms that contribute to muscle dysfunction. We use both isolated muscle ex vivo and intact mouse in vivo protocols. Having the ability to switch between the two motifs in our 1300a system, with a minimal amount of rearranging, is helpful when lab space is at a premium, and is cost efficient. Customizing our equipment purchase for our unique needs was easily accomplished with the support of Aurora

Ted G. Graber, PhD, East Carolina University
Robert Grange

“I have enjoyed a long partnership with Aurora Scientific because of their willingness to collaborate on new projects and to see them through to completion. They listen to feedback and continually strive to improve their products. I appreciate this collaborative spirit, as it makes it easy and fun to bring my ideas to reality.”

Robert Grange, PhD, Virginia Tech

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