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Aurora Scientific is the trusted provider of quality instrumentation for the life science and material science communities.

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  • Prof. Silke Berger

    Measuring the active and passive force of our zebrafish larvae using the 1500A: Isolated Muscle System has added a deeper level of understanding of our zebrafish muscle mutants in the lab. It is an extremely valuable diagnostic tool and adds another edge to our research. The technical support from Aurora Scientific is outstanding. The team knows their systems literally inside-out and are always extremely responsive and helpful to solve any issue or question we have. It is a true pleasure to work with them!

    Prof. Silke Berger, Senior Research Officer at Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) - Monash University
  • Dr. Leo Ferreira

    The equipment and customer support I have received from Aurora Scientific is amazing. Their engineers and software developers have spent countless hours tailoring protocols, software, and apparatuses to meet my needs. Their support and assistance have strengthened my research tremendously. I consider my relationship with Aurora Scientific to be a true partnership.

    Dr. Leo Ferreira, at University of Florida
  • Dr. Coen Ottenheijm

    Several Aurora Scientific systems are in use in my lab. Their equipment has allowed us to generate precise, publishable data for many years. Their local support team has a good relationship with my lab workers, allowing us to resolve issues quickly and with a minimum of disruption. I consider them to be a valued collaborator in our work.

    Dr. Coen Ottenheijm, at Vrie Universitet
  • Dr. Fabio Minozzo

    I've worked with AURORA SCIENTIFIC for more than 5 years now. Their systems, including software and hardware, are solid and reliable. But, above all, their personnel are what makes ASI a unique company: their people are not only experts in their fields but they are also friendly and extremely helpful. Their support works fast and they never let you down. Considering all together I strongly recommend ASI.

    Dr. Fabio Minozzo, at McGill University
  • Dr. Frank Brozovich

    I have used Aurora Scientific equipment in my laboratory for over 15 years, and there is no question that it just works, day after day. Aurora Scientific’s expertise is reflected in the easy to use platform that is truly plug and play. Over the years, I have recommended Aurora to many colleagues, and no one has been disappointed.

    Dr. Frank Brozovich, at Mayo Clinic, Rochester
  • Dr. Pieter de Tombe

    I’ve worked with Aurora Scientific and have used their equipment in my lab for many years. They have always provided useful tools at a fair price. They have the best interests of the researcher at heart and have always tried to help when needed.

    Dr. Pieter de Tombe, at Loyola University, Chicago
  • Dr. Thomas Hawke

    We have used Aurora Scientific equipment in our lab to assess contractile muscle function and to induce eccentric muscle damage in our animal models. It has provided us with a highly valuable tool to further our research and provide us with a functional outcome to our cellular and molecular studies. In addition to the equipment being of top quality, it is the service that elevates Aurora above other research equipment companies. The representatives are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to our software and equipment inquiries. This has greatly enhanced our experimental and analyses throughput. I recommend Aurora highly and without hesitation.

    Dr. Thomas Hawke, at McMaster University
  • Dr. Rene Vandenboom

    I have been using ASI equipment since 2004. We are into our third generation of in vitro muscle testing equipment and have always found it to be reliable, robust and that it does what it is supposed to do and with few surprises. In that time Geoff and his staff have always been helpful and honest in their dealings with us. When a problem has come up, customer support has always been timely and terrific. I have recommended ASI equipment to others in the field and will continue to do so in the future.

    Dr. Rene Vandenboom, at Brock University
  • Dr. Rob Grange

    I have enjoyed a long partnership with Aurora Scientific because of their willingness to collaborate on new projects and to see them through to completion. They listen to feedback and continually strive to improve their products. I appreciate this collaborative spirit, as it makes it easy and fun to bring my ideas to reality.

    Dr. Rob Grange, at Virginia Tech
  • Dr. Carter Ralphe

    The Aurora Scientific 801C Small Intact Muscle Apparatus is a real work horse in our lab. It has been employed almost daily for the past 8 years, generating detailed contractile data from our mouse and human engineered cardiac constructs. Geoff and Aurora Scientific have worked to tailor their system to our needs, adapting the apparatus to be able to measure oxygen consumption, calcium transients, and force generation in our small muscle preparations. There is no other off-the-shelf system available with similar capabilities. Aurora Scientific stands by their products, and have proven to be very reliable partners in research.

    Dr. Carter Ralphe, at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dr. Chen-Ming Fan

    Our recent publication in Nature Medicine would not have been possible without the help of the Aurora Scientific team and the 1300A in-situ system.

    Dr. Chen-Ming Fan, at Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Embryology
  • Dr. Ning Zhang

    I have used the Aurora Scientific system for more than 3 years. The system was well designed and manufactured. It provides us what we want about our muscle samples. The system is stable and reliable after many years of use. Meanwhile, what makes the system more reliable is their technical support. The technician is not only expert in the field, but also helpful person. So happy to work with Aurora Scientific System!

    Dr. Ning Zhang, at Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Zhen Yan

    The experience that I have had with Aurora Scientific could be described as reliable and friendly. The reliability of our 1300A 3-in-1 system for mice has made a superb contribution to our research endeavors which has resulted in several papers published, with several more to come. I would highly recommend Aurora to my colleagues as the system allows scientists to obtain in-vivo muscle function data in a non-invasive and longitudinal manner.

    Dr. Zhen Yan, at University of Virginia
  • Dr. Christopher Perry

    Given our interest in the contribution of mitochondria to muscle wasting diseases, force production is key to our research. We investigate novel compounds that may slow muscle weakness in various disorders. Using rat and mouse models, we assess force production in hindlimb, quadriceps and diaphragm strips and the flexibility of the 1305A system has permitted us to add these muscles to our portfolio over time. The data generated has been key for our publications and new directions in the lab and working directly with Matt and Chris, the students have learned valuable skills as these methods have been incorporated.

    Dr. Christopher Perry, at York University
  • Dr. Meghan Hughes

    Technical support is the #1 reason I would recommend Aurora Scientific to colleagues. They are incredibly responsive and go out of their way to answer questions and make sure we get the protocols we need up and running. Chris in particular has spent a ton of time helping design protocols, helping set up equipment over Skype and in person and reviewing data files to ensure everything is running smoothly. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their products. Chris and Matt go above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to collect good data. They provide the best technical service and support out of any company I have worked with to date.

    Dr. Meghan Hughes, at York University