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Materials Science Products

Mechanical Properties Measurement

The 300C lineup of levers are designed for a variety of test preparations including MEMS, hydrogels, artificial muscle and many biomaterials. Our levers provide the flexibility, accuracy and performance required by materials science and engineering researchers. Tensile strength of artificial or natural muscle and fibers can be easily measured by uniquely controlling length and force output. In addition, measurements can also be taken of the elasticity or rigidity of various polymers, fibers and rods including hydrogels, nanowires and carbon fibers.



The 315D and 322D high-speed length controllers allow complete automated control of length measurements to assess the dynamic properties of non-biological specimens such as natural and synthetic polymers, fibers, films and coatings. Our length controllers can also be used to stretch artificial muscle, spider silk and other biological tissues including plant cells.

Nanomaterials / MEMs Measurement

The 400C series of high-level output force transducers provide a wide range of force measurements designed to test the mechanical properties of numerous artificial or biological materials. Each model provides bi-directional measurement of force, and unlike semi-conductor strain gauges, these transducers are rugged. Aurora Scientific transducers have enabled materials scientists to accurately assess properties such as surface adhesion, stiffness and deformation of materials including hydrogels, MEMs, nanowires, spider silk and bioengineered tissues.

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