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Muscle Controllers, Levers & Transducers

150A: Integrated Muscle Test Controller

150A: Integrated Muscle Test Controller

A new family of integrated instruments combining a dual-mode lever, stimulator and data acquisition into one convenient bench-top solution.

Dual-Mode Muscle Levers

300C: Dual-Mode Muscle Levers

Seamless and flexible control of muscle force and length, with the ability to measure one or both in a single and convenient lever system.

High-Speed Length Controllers

315D/322D: High-Speed Length Controllers

A High-Speed Length Controller providing physiologists the ability to control and measure length of single cells, fibers and whole muscle with ease.

Force Transducers

400B: Force Transducers

Our 400B isometric force transducers enable contractile measurements from various muscle types and sizes with precision and reproducibility.

Electrical Stimulation

701C: Electrical Stimulator

Our high-powered, bi-phase stimulator designed for muscle researchers conducting the most demanding field stimulation protocols.

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