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Muscle Controllers, Levers & Transducers

150A: Integrated Muscle Test Controller

150A: Integrated Muscle Test Controller

A new family of integrated instruments combining a dual-mode lever, stimulator and data acquisition into one convenient bench-top solution.

300E Dual-Mode Lever System

300E: Dual-Mode Muscle Levers

Seamless and flexible control of muscle force and length, with the ability to measure one or both in a single and convenient lever system.

400C: Force Transducers

Our 400C isometric force transducers enable contractile measurements from various muscle types and sizes with precision and reproducibility.

High-Speed Length Controllers

315D/322D: High-Speed Length Controllers

A High-Speed Length Controller providing physiologists the ability to control and measure length of single cells, fibers and whole muscle with ease.

Content for the Muscle Physiologist

Tackling the Heart of the Issue: Advances in Cardiovascular Research

February 29th, 2024|Cardiovascular, Muscle Physiology, Publication Review|

February notably marks “Heart Month”, aiming to highlight the importance of cardiovascular health and its critical implications on our overall wellbeing. Tackling the heart of the issue, several cardiovascular studies stand out as key players within the preclinical research landscape. The following publication review covers recent advancements in the field, including a promising therapeutic drug candidate for heart failure as well as novel insights into the cardiovascular biology of Marfan syndrome and muscle contraction regulation.

Molecular Deep Dives in Force Production

February 6th, 2024|Muscle Physiology, Publication Review|

As we launch full force into 2024, studies exploring the molecular underpinnings of force production in mice have blazed the trail of functional muscular research. From calcium dynamics during muscle contraction, to muscle impairments in myotonic dystrophy, and the effects of running on muscle mass in a dystrophic mouse model, January's novel insights into muscle function and regulation have important implications on our understanding of muscle physiology and health.

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