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Aurora Scientific’s muscle physiology products are designed to test the force-length-velocity characteristics of all types of muscle ranging from myocytes to dog hind limb muscle. Our muscle physiology instruments include dual-mode levers, length controllers, force transducers, stimulators, data acquisition hardware and software and experimental apparatus. All of our products are sold individually or in complete systems.

With our complete systems, muscle physiologists can precisely measure force, length, sarcomere length and ratiometric calcium. Our systems allow all standard muscle physiology protocols to be run such as twitch, tetanus, fatigue, force-frequency, force-velocity, stiffness and work loops. In addition our systems have the flexibility that allows the researcher to customize experimental protocols to meet their needs.

Aurora Scientific has developed innovative test systems used in olfactory research to validate odors presented to specimens and to track pheromone and plume dispersion. In addition, Aurora Scientific utilize their dual mode muscle levers as mechanical stimulators to provide a precise, controlled force output for use by researchers measuring neuronal response to touch, pain and stretch. Furthermore, many neurophysiologists study an interdisciplinary field of neuroscience and muscle physiology looking at neural activation and sensory feedback of muscle tissue. Aurora Scientific’s dual mode lever aids in characterizing muscle mechanics in models of neural regeneration and disease.

Aurora Scientific’s unique dual mode muscle lever aids a variety of researchers looking at materials such as MEMS, hydrogels, artificial muscle, nanowires and carbon fibres. Easily and accurately measure tensile strength, elasticity, detaching force, shear fracture and deformation of most materials with the control and measurement of both force and length. Other Aurora Scientific products useful in materials research include our line of high speed length controllers and our ultra-low compliance, high sensitivity force transducers.

Air cannon dispersion testing

Understanding how hazardous gases and particles disperse from leaks or explosions is essential to human safety. Aurora Scientific’s sensors have played a key role in large outdoor field studies of concentration fluctuations in dispersing plumes, building infiltration, evaporation and heavy gas dispersion.  Our smaller gas sensors have been used in wind tunnels for plume tracking and evaporation experiments. Our gas sensors have helped researchers achieve their research goals in the field of environmental monitoring.