Instrument Repair (RMA)

Should your instrument ever require repair please request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number using the form below.  Once you obtain your RMA number you may return the instrument to Aurora Scientific using the instructions shown below the RMA request.

1. Obtain an RMA #.

Complete the RMA # Request form above or phone, fax or email Aurora Scientific Inc. for a Return Material Authorization number (RMA #). We require the serial number of the product along with your contact information, i.e. your name, institution, phone number and email address.

2. Package your instrument.

Use the original packaging materials if available. If you do not have original packaging then ensure that the product is wrapped in bubble pack and placed in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box. If you are returning a force transducer please place the transducer head in the plastic protective box and then wrap the plastic box in bubble pack and place it in a small cardboard box which can then be placed in the larger box along with the electronics. For force transducer repairs we require both the transducer head and the control electronics. Please don’t send the power cord. When returning a muscle lever system wrap the motor in bubble pack and place it along with the lever arm in a small cardboard box and then place that box in the larger shipping container along with the controller. For muscle lever repairs we require the motor, lever arm, motor cable and control electronics. Please don’t send the power cord.

3. Prepare Customs documents.

Canada: no customs documents required, skip to step 4.

Europe: no customs documents required, skip to step 4 and ship to Aurora Scientific Europe.

Asia, Australia and New Zealand: skip to step 4 and ship to Aurora Scientific Asia.

USA, South America, Middle East and Africa: You must include a Commercial Invoice (CI) with the shipment.

You can also prepare the commercial invoice yourself instead of using the downloadable form. Print the document on your company’s letterhead and include the following information: date, shipper’s name, address and phone number (your company information), Consignee’s name, address and phone number (Aurora Scientific Inc. is the Consignee), country of origin of goods, conditions of sale (include the following statement: GOODS RETURNING TO FACTORY FOR REPAIR, TEMPORARY IMPORT), number of packages (normally 1), description of goods (e.g. Model 300B Muscle Lever System, Serial Number 1111), quantity of each item (normally 1) and value for customs purposes (the original purchase price of the instrument).

Place three (3) copies of your CI in an envelope and mark the outside CUSTOMS PAPERS ENCLOSED. Attach the envelope to the outside of the box.

4. Choose a shipper and prepare the waybill.

Europe: ship your instrument to Aurora Scientific Europe in Dublin, Ireland.

Asia, Australia and New Zealand: ship your instrument to Aurora Scientific Asia in Hong Kong.

All other clients: ship your instrument to Aurora Scientific Inc. in Aurora, ON, Canada.

You may ship your instrument back to us via the courier of your choice or via parcel post. If possible we prefer that you ship via FedEx. You are responsible for both the shipping and brokerage charges so please mark the waybill accordingly. Please don’t ship freight collect. Shipments sent freight collect will be received but you will be invoiced for the shipping charges when your instrument is returned.

Aurora Scientific Inc. carries shipping insurance that covers shipments both to and from us. Therefore your shipment will be covered by our insurance policy and you do not need to purchase shipping insurance from the courier.

5. Prepare and send a purchase order.

After we receive the instrument we will evaluate it and contact you with the estimated repair cost. We require a purchase order before we can repair and return your instrument.

Please email or fax us the purchase order at your earliest convenience.

Please contact us if you require additional information or assistance with your return.

RMA Form

There are a few simple steps that must be completed before returning your product to Aurora Scientific Inc.

Please complete the form below and a technical support representative will aim to be in touch within one working day. If you’d like to speak to someone sooner, don’t hesitate to call us.

RMA Repair Form
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