605A: Dynamic Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

The 605A Data Acquisition and Analysis System provides physiology researchers with a complete hardware and software package for obtaining and processing data from Aurora Scientific instrumentation. The 605A system includes our LabVIEW based Windows software suite consisting of Dynamic Muscle Control (DMC) and Dynamic Muscle Analysis – High Throughput (DMA-HT) in addition to a Windows PC, National Instruments A/D card and our 604A signal interface.

Our DMC protocol library includes a variety of muscle experiments for mouse and rat mechanics which include system operation and data acquisition settings optimized for the researchers unique sample type and measurement needs. You can add your own custom protocols to suit the needs of multiple lab members.

Experience high-throughput data analysis with DMA-HT to process hundreds of muscle samples in minutes. Downstream analysis can be completed within Aurora Scientific’s DMC/DMA software or exported to your preferred analysis program. The software comes pre-loaded on a quad core Windows PC installed with a National Instruments A/D card. Easily connect Aurora Scientific transducers, motors, levers and stimulators to your PC with our signal interface which comes complete with BNC cables, terminators and T-fitting.

  • control, measure and analyze muscle mechanics experiments

  • standard and custom protocol library

  • automatically analyses hundreds of data files in seconds

  • compatible with Aurora Scientific transducers, motors, levers and stimulators

  • work loop, time derivative and line fitting module

  • installed NI A/D card

  • PC loaded with Windows 10, monitor not included

  • installed Aurora Scientific 615A DMC/DMA-HT software suite, includes lifetime software updates

  • analyze files from DMC and 600A

  • isometric, isotonic and stimulation control

  • includes Aurora Scientific 604A signal interface with BNC cables, terminators and T-fitting

  • force-frequency, force-time, position-time and fatigue analysis included


Parts & Accessories

606A: BNC-BNC Cable
607A: BNC Terminator
607B: BNC T
615B: DMC/DMA-HT Suite 2nd Copy
615C: DMC/DMA-HT Suite Upgrade
608C: Monitor, 22″ Widescreen LCD

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System Specifications 605A
Instruments Included in System 601A – PC with 64-bit Windows 7
603C – 16-bit Data Acquisition Card
604A – Signal Interface
615A – Dynamic Muscle Control and Analysis Software
Aurora Scientific Instruments
300 series length controllers, 400 series force transducers, 700 series stimulators, 800 series apparatus
601A PC Specifications 605A
Processor [GHz] 3.3, 6 cores
RAM [GB] 8
Hard Disk [TB] 1
603C Data Acquisition Specifications 605A
Analog Input Number of Channels: 8
Resolution: 16 bits
Sampling Rate: 250,000 samples per second
Analog Output Number of Channels: 2
Resolution: 16 bits
Sampling Rate: 833,000 updates per second
Digital I/O Number of Ports: 61
Type: TTL

1 = 6 available on 604A Signal Interface, 24 available on data acquisition card

604A Signal Interface Specifications 605A
Connector BNC – isolated, male
A/D Inputs 8: Length In, Force In, Aux 1-6 In
A/D Outputs 2: Length Out, Force Out
Digital I/O 6 total: 2 Inputs: Trg In 1, Trg In 2, 4 Outputs: Trg Out 1, Trg Out 2, Stimulator, Inhibit
615A Software Specifications 605A
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Included Software 610A – Dynamic Muscle Control LabBook
611A – Dynamic Muscle Analysis
612A – Dynamic Muscle Analysis – High Throughput
610A DMC LabBook Specifications 605A
Data Channels Recorded Length, Force, Stimulation Timing, Auxiliary 1-62
Main Window Controls: Change Study, Change Animal, Sample, Prepare Experiment, Run Experiment, Analyze Results, Edit Sample Parms, View, Prev, Next, Readout 1 Select, Readout 2 Select, Reset Timer
Readouts: 1 and 23, Elapsed Time, Time since Last Test, Experiment Run Counter
Dropdown menus: File, Setup and Help
Study Window Used to define a study
Text Entry Fields: Name of Study, Description of Study, Animal Parameter definition and selection, Sample Parameter definition and selection, Muscles in Study definition and Selection, Experiments in Study definition and selection
Select Experiment Window Select experiments to use in a study and create new experiments
Existing Experiment list and selection button
Create New Experiment: 6 wizards to create the following experiments: Twitch, Tetanus, Fatigue, Force-Frequency, Eccentric, Injury
Custom Experiment button: opens protocol editor to allow creation of a custom experiment
Live Data Monitor Real-time data output of chosen channels. Displays up to 30 minutes of data – zoom function, time base control, graph scales, freeze display
Prepare Experiment Window Used to prepare the muscle for the test.
Instant Stim control, Display of Twitch Force, Overlay of successive twitches, Calculation of Baseline Force and Max Force.
Analysis4 Load last data or saved data
Display: Length, Force, Stimulation
Plot Zoom Controls: Time Displayed and Offset sliders, Unzoom
Calculated Values: Max Force, Time of Max Force, Min Force, Time of Min Force, Force at Time Zero, Max Length, Time of Max Length, Min Length, Time of Min Length, Length at Time Zero

2 = Auxiliary Channels: can be configured to suit, common usages are: Temperature, pH, O2, etc.; 3 = Configured using Readout Select 1 and 2, normally displays Force In and Length In; 4 = Limited analysis available in 610A program, complete Analysis available in 611A and 612A programs

611A/612A DMA/DMA-HT Specifications 605A
Main Window Display: graph of test results with zoom function
Plot Controls: Unfiltered/Filtered Force, Unfiltered/Filtered Length, Force Units, Length Units
Buttons for: Invert Force Data, Open Data File, Filter Setup, Normalization, Muscle Analysis, Work Loop, Time Derivative, Line Fitting, Export Data
Dropdown menus: File, High Throughput and Help
Analysis Filter Setup: set cutoff frequency and order of Butterworth low-pass filter
Normalization: set reference values for calculating L/Lref, F/Fref, Stress, Strain
Muscle Analysis: provides statistics of displayed data
Work Loop: calculates work loop data from sinusoidal tests
Time Derivative: calculates velocity and dF/dt
Line Fitting: fits linear or exponential functions to Force and Length data
High Throughput Analysis Provides high speed analysis of a group of data files, data is output in tabular form and can be exported
Analysis Types: Force-Frequency, Force-Time, Position-Time, Fatigue
Calculated Values: Maximum, Minimum, Time to % Contraction, Time to % Relaxation, Integration, Max Rate of Contraction, Time to % of Max Rate of Contraction, Max Rate of Relaxation, Time to % of Max Rate of Relaxation,
Starting Baseline, Ending Baseline, Average Rate of Contraction, Average Rate of Relaxation
Export Analysis Exports analysis to: Excel, MATLAB, Maple, SAS, other software packages


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