801C: Small Intact Muscle Apparatus – Microscope Mountable

The 801C small intact muscle test apparatus provides physiology researchers with a simple method of measuring small tissue muscle mechanics. The novel chamber design features a glass bottom with integrated stimulation electrodes and perfusion which permits imaging of the sample while maintaining tissue viability. The open top, horizontal design also permits a sealing lid to be mounted in place for oxygen consumption or hypoxia studies.

The apparatus includes mounts for an Aurora Scientific high-speed length controller (315/322D) and a precision force transducer (400C series). Various sized baths and bath configurations are available which provides the ideal solution for researchers seeking to study different muscle or tissue units and samples. From tissue constructs to zebra fish the 801C is the serious choice for functional muscle measurements.

The force transducer is attached to the muscle through a unique slot in the end of the bath. This provides an ideal configuration for artificial muscle constructs or oxygen consumption studies that require the chamber to be sealed with an available lid. The bath is optimized for smooth perfusate flow and includes an overflow area on either side of the bath to provide good access to the tissue while minimizing the chance of overflow from the bath.

Temperature of the test plate can be controlled from 4 to 40°C within +/- 0.1°C using the supplied Aurora Scientific 825B thermoelectric controller. The 825B also contains a low-noise thermocouple thermometer with both a digital readout and a voltage output. An Aurora Scientific model 826A Water Circulator is also included.

  • designed for single fibers, bundles, strips and small whole muscle

  • temperature controlled 0 – 40°C using Peltier modules

  • perfusion bath, two sizes available, 400uL or 1900uL

  • XYZ micrometer translation stages for both the length controller and the force transducer

  • includes temperature jacketed 1 Liter reservoir for perfusion solution. Reservoir includes oxygen bubbler

  • includes platinum stimulation electrodes

  • can be used with standard and inverted microscopes

  • length controller and force transducer mounts included

  • includes thermocouple for bath temperature measurement and temperature sensor for temperature control

  • corrosion resistant materials used throughout


825B Thermocouple Meter / TEC Controller:
Thermometer and TEC Controller controls bath temperature from 0 to 40°C

826A Water Circulator:
Water circulator that provides cooling for 801C, 802D, 803B apparatus. Includes water reservoir, pump and radiator with fan

801-RES Reservoir Assembly:
1L thermal jacketed reservoir with oxygenating bubbler


Bath Size Variants:
801C-400 (400µL bath)
801C-1900 (1900µL bath)

Isometric Variants:
801C-400-TP (400µL bath with tissue post)
801C-1900-TP (1900µL bath with tissue post)

300E Dual-Mode Muscle Lever Variant:
801C-300 (1900µL bath with mounts for 300E)

No Peltier Temperature Control Variants:
801N-400 (400µL bath, no 825B or 826A)
801N-1900 (1900µL bath, no 825B or 826A)

Stories of Success

801C – Ability to Assess Oxygen Consumption/Customization


In 2008 Dr. Carter Ralphe at the University of Wisconsin was attempting to measure force and contractility in his tissue constructs in an oxygen sealed environment. Without the time to develop a custom solution, Dr. Ralphe sought help from equipment suppliers. Unfortunately he wasted a lot of time and money trying equipment from other manufacturers that didn’t work. Although another manufacturer finally refunded his money it took more time and effort to get them to agree to take back their product.


Dr. Ralphe consulted with Aurora Scientific for the design of a customized oxygen sealing lid that would work with a modified version of our 801C. The redesign allowed the unit to function in oxygen consumption mode or in a regular bath configuration. The customized chamber also allowed easy integration of Aurora Scientific’s industry leading 400 Series transducers which had the sensitivity required for the small and delicate constructs to be tested.


With this instrument, Dr. Ralphe was able to successfully complete his experiments and go on to publish influential results. He now has two units, expanding his research capabilities. Dr. Ralphe has also recommended the device to other researchers who, themselves, have gone on to publish. The 801C-300 since become essentially a standard modification and a part of our 1500A series of small intact muscle test systems.

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Bath 801C-400 801C-1900
Number 1
Volume [µL] 400 1900
Dimensions [mm] 24 L x 6 W x 3 D 34 L x 10 W x 6 D
Perfusion 801C-400 801C-1900
Inlet/Outlet Vinyl Tube Size [IN] 1/16” ID x 1/8” OD
Inlet/Outlet Stainless Tube Size [IN] 18AWG
Suction Height Range [mm] 3.0-6.0 6.0-9.0
Thermoelectric Coolers 801C-400 / 801C-1900
Number 2
Control Temperature [°C] 0 – 40
Power [W] 33
Voltage [V] 12
Thermocouple Microprobe 801C-400 / 801C-1900
Model Physitemp IT-18
Type T Thermocouple Copper-Constantan
Time Constant [s] 0.1
Construction 0.064 mm diameter Teflon tube with sealed tip
Stimulation Electrodes 801C-400 / 801C-1900
Number 2
Type 90% Platinum, 10% Iridium
Dimensions [mm] 2 W x 0.25 Thick x 47 L
General Specifications 801C-400 / 801C-1900
Weight [kg] 1.9 (with stand), 1.2 (without stand)
Dimensions1 [cm] 16.5W x 21 L x 6.9 H

1 = Apparatus without stand


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