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Software Update

This form is used to find updates for your Aurora Scientific software product. Our 600A, VSL, HVSL and FluoroTrack Linux-based products, as well as our DMC and DMA Windows-based products, are all updated through the following form.

The Product Serial Number should be affixed to the computer tower, in the case of our Linux-based products, or printed on the CD in the case of our Windows-based products. You will find the product key included with the documentation sent with your Aurora Scientific product, or in an email which was sent to you. If you have difficulty locating these numbers, please contact Aurora Scientific.

We require your contact information so that we can send you information about product updates and so that we can keep track of the version of the software you have. With this information we can provide you better technical support. If you do not wish to receive product update notices in the future, please un-check the box labelled Send Product Updates. Please note that if you receive the update notices, you are under no requirement to update your software, and if you choose to not receive the notices, you will still be able to come to this page and get updates as desired.

Software Update Form

When you click the Find Updates button below, the information on this form will be stored in our database. The website will then search the listing of product updates for your product, and find only versions of the product which are newer than the one you currently have.

Product Serial Number:
(ie. 600172)
Product Key:
(ie. 690E2)
Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Send Product Updates:

All information collected on this form is stored in our databases for Aurora Scientific's use to inform you of product updates and provide technical support. We will never lease, license or sell your contact information to any third parties, for any reason.