The Aurora Scientific sales team is growing, again! To better meet the needs of our researchers, and we are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest Product Consultant, Katherine Athaide. Here is a little bit about her . . .

“My passion for research was formed at the University of Guelph where I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree, with a specialization in Biomedical Sciences and a Master of Science in Biomechanics. During my undergraduate degree I worked in Dr. Stephen Brown’s human lab investigating upper arm, trunk, and pelvis coordination of skiing ergometer participants using a vector analysis coding technique. I was immediately hooked! I continued my research career in this lab, migrating to the wet lab. Here, I was able to integrate biomechanics, physiology and histology to understand the mechanical and structural properties of a healthy spine.

The aim of my research was to investigate differences in the active contractile capability and structural morphology of paraspinal muscles across vertebral regions. Utilizing Aurora Scientific’s 1400A system, I tested permeabilized single muscle fibers to understand biomechanical measures such as specific force, kTR, active modulus, and unloaded shortening velocity. During this process, I experienced wonderful customer service from ASI’s team and have come to appreciate the support from the research and customer relations perspective.

Following the completion of my master’s, I continued to work in the lab as a research technician. During this role, I witnessed the power of strong scientific communication and how it can be beneficial in teaching undergraduates about the up-and-coming research topics. As I transition from the research community to this position, I feel privileged to work with and build lasting relationships with these researchers. Through ASI’s commitment to assisting researchers in answering the questions they seek and the want to create a large foundation of knowledge and understanding truly resonated with me and I look forward to working with this wonderful team!

My additional passion is for fitness! Anything that has to do with moving your body…count me in! When I’m not in the office I’m at the gym, walking my dog, reading, or attending a drop-in dance class!”