Virtual Poster Program

Help us share your science!

Aurora Scientific is excited to announce our Virtual Poster Program: a platform for scientists using Aurora Scientific equipment to present their research, discuss its importance, share user tips, tricks, best-practices and contribute to a forum that supports research innovation and discovery.

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Getting involved is easy! Here is a basic workflow for producing a Virtual Poster:

  1. Fill out an application form, providing a clear summary of your research
  2. Connect with our partners at InsideScientific to review how to prepare your presentation, select a recording date and address any questions you may have
  3. Prepare your content, using the template provided.  Presentations are to be 15-18 minutes in duration and include the following sections
    1. Introduction: What are you studying, and what is the motivation and importance to do so?
    2. Methodology: How did you approach your research objectives? Outline methods, equipment use, protocol steps and share best practices for achieving quality, consistent data.
    3. Results: a brief summary of your research findings
    4. Conclusions: Implications of the results
    5. Future plans: What is the next step? Why is this an important avenue of exploration?  How do you intend to do it?
    6. Acknowledgements & Disclosures
  4. Connect with InsideScientific to record your presentation from the convenience of your office or lab
  5. Review and approve your video recording before it is published

If you would like to participate, please complete the submission form below & review the program terms & conditions.  If you have questions, please email our production partners at InsideScientific at, subject line “Aurora Scientific VPP”.

Virtual Poster Submission

Abstract / Research Summary

Please complete the sections below to summarize your research and the content you wish to include in the poster program. Feel free to exclude specific results or findings in this section. The purpose is to simply summarize your work, methods and results.

What are you studying? What is your motivation and importance to do so?
How did you approach your research objectives? Briefly identify key methods.
Please provide a brief summary of the results and associated conclusions.
Please identify the equipment by name or model number that you used as part of this research
How did you learn about this program?

Submission Terms

By clicking the box and completing your submission, you confirm that your application summarizes original research/science conducted by you, whether individually or as part of a research team. You also acknowledge and agree to the program Terms and Conditions ( As a reminder, completion of this form does not guarantee acceptance or participation in the Virtual Poster Program.

Please check the box to indicate agreement to the Submission Terms:

Aurora Scientific Virtual Poster Program Terms & Conditions

By submitting your research and participating in the Virtual Poster Program (VPP), you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  1. Data presented in the VPP must be original and accurate. Authorship should be based on a substantial intellectual contribution. “Acknowledgements” provide an opportunity to note assistance that does not warrant authorship but does merit recognition.
  2. Priority of data and ideas must be respected. Authors are responsible for consulting and citing relevant work where appropriate.
  3. Any data reported in scientific communications involving human or animal subjects must have been conducted in compliance with the relevant institutional review boards.
  4. All data should be presented so as to minimize the possibility of misinterpretation.
  5. Materials and Methods must be described in specific terms with sufficient detail to permit replication. Video and images, guides and additional supplementary resources are encouraged.
  6. Presentations must be prepared using the Microsoft Powerpoint (PPT) template provided and submitted prior to the agreed deadline for review by Aurora Scientific and InsideScientific.
  7. Authors are encouraged to have content reviewed by colleagues prior to their virtual poster recording date.
  8. Financial contributions to the work being reported should be clearly acknowledged, as should any potential conflict of interest.
  9. The sole responsibility for acceptance or rejection of a virtual poster rests with Aurora Scientific and InsideScientific.
  10. Researchers are cautioned that extensive disclosure of research results (specifically, new scientific discovery and associated data) in the public press may preclude publication in some peer-reviewed journals. AuroraScientific and InsideScientific accept no responsibility for potential or perceived loss of opportunity for peer-reviewed publication of research shared in the VPP.
  11. Researchers agree to produce and publicize their research in the VPP under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
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