315D/322D: High-Speed Length Controllers

The 315D and 322D high-speed length controllers allow complete automated control of length measurements to assess the dynamic properties of non-biological specimens such as natural and synthetic polymers, fibers, films and coatings. Our length controllers can also be used to stretch artificial muscle, spider silk and other biological tissues including plant cells.

These controllers provide a range of length control and response times uniquely suited to answer a number of researcher questions. Our fastest model, the 315D, can change length in as little as 200µs and has a length frequency response up to 2.4 kHz. All models allow the researcher to resolve lengths as small as 1 micron. Integrator models (315C-I and 322C-I) have less than 0.01 micron/mN isometric compliance. With tensile limits of 300mN and 200mN, respectively, our high-speed length controllers have more than enough force for any tissue sample.

In addition, front panel manual length control allows the researcher to set the steady-state arm position, while the circuit design prevents the motor from being operated beyond its safe limits.

  • test all muscle types and connective tissue

  • fast and accurate
  • step response time from 200µs to 800µs

  • length resolution: 1µm
  • optimal tensile limit (315C – 50 mN, 322C – 100 mN)
  • length response to 2.4kHz
  • automated control and digital display

  • <0.01µm isometric compliance
  • steady-state arm positioning
  • designed to prevent unsafe motor operation


315D: 50mN Force, Ultra low isometric compliance

322D: 100mN Force, Ultra low isometric compliance

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Length Specifications 315D 322D
Lever Arm Length [mm] 9 20
Length Excursion [mm] 3 6
Length Signal Resolution [micron] 0.5 0.5
Length Scale Factor1 [mm/Volt ±2%] 0.15 0.3
Length Signal Linearity2 [%] 99.5 99.9
Length Step Response Time3 [millisecond] 0.35 0.45
Sinusoidal Frequency Response4 [Hz] 1,700 1,500

1 = Gain switch set to 1X; 2 = Over full length excursion; 3 = 1 to 99%, critically damped; 4 = -3dB point

Force Specifications 315D 322D
Maximum Force [mN] 100 200
Isometric Compliance [µm/mN] <0.01 <0.01
General Specifications 315D 322D
Power Required 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Available
Power Consumption [W] 50 50
Controller Weight [kg] 2.7 2.7
Motor Weight [g] 27 43
Controller Dimensions [cm] 21W (1/2 rack mount) x 25D x 9H (2U)
Operating Temperature [°C] 0-40
Overload Fault Recovery Time [s] 5-10
Over Temperature Fault Recovery Time [s] Varies – up to 300
Startup Time to Readiness [s] 4
Fuse Type 250V Time Delay, IEC 127-III: 5x20mm
Fuse Rating 110/125VAC – T 0.750A

220/240VAC – T 0.500A

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