The following is a collection of select publications referencing Aurora Scientific instrumentation.  They serve as excellent examples regarding system capabilities, common research applications, methodology and best-practices.

Use the filters and settings to identify publications of interest by research application and associated Aurora Scientific system or component used.

Found 10 Results
Title Research Area Disease Model System/Component Year
Follistatin-based ligand trap ACE-083 induces localized hypertrophy of skeletal muscle with functional improvement in models of neuromuscular disease Neuromuscular Neurodegenerative
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2019
Gut bacteria are critical for optimal muscle function: a potential link with glucose homeostasis Exercise & Metabolism Obesity
Myeloid Cell Responses to Contraction-induced Injury Differ in Muscles of Young and Old Mice Muscle Pathology & Wasting Aging
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2018
Measuring Neuromuscular Junction Functionality in the SOD1G93A Animal Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Neuromuscular Neurodegenerative
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2015
Gamma-sarcoglycan is required for the response of archvillin to mechanical stimulation in skeletal muscle. Pain/Touch N/A
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2015
Force measurement during contraction to assess muscle function in zebrafish larvae. Comparative Physiology Myopathy
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2013
Diaphragm atrophy and contractile dysfunction in a murine model of pulmonary hypertension. Muscle Pathology & Wasting Cardiovascular
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2013
Diaphragm and ventilatory dysfunction during cancer cachexia. Muscle Pathology & Wasting Cachexia
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2013
Generation of ex vivo-vascularized Muscle Engineered Tissue (X-MET). Artificial Muscle Physiological Tissue Atrophy
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2013
Physiological characterization of muscle strength with variable levels of dystrophin restoration in mdx mice following local antisense therapy. Muscle Pathology & Wasting DMD
701C: Electrical Stimulator 2011
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