The following is a collection of select publications referencing Aurora Scientific instrumentation.  They serve as excellent examples regarding system capabilities, common research applications, methodology and best-practices.

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Title Research Area Disease Model System/Component Year
Small molecule nicotinamide N-methyltransferase inhibitor activates senescent muscle stem cells and improves regenerative capacity of aged skeletal muscle Muscle Pathology & Wasting Aging
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2019
Disruption of KATP Channel Expression in Skeletal Muscle by Targeted Oligonucleotide Delivery Promotes Activity-linked Thermogenesis. Exercise & Metabolism N/A
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2015
Tumor growth increases neuroinflammation, fatigue and depressive-like behavior prior to alterations in muscle function. Neuromuscular Cancer
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2015
Sarcolemmal ATP-sensitive potassium channels modulate skeletal muscle function under low-intensity workloads. Exercise & Metabolism N/A
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2014
Arsenic induces sustained impairment of skeletal muscle and muscle progenitor cell ultrastructure and bioenergetics. Exercise & Metabolism N/A
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2014
An in vitro adult mouse muscle-nerve preparation for studying the firing properties of muscle afferents. Neuromuscular Neurodegenerative
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2014
The timing of administration of a clinically relevant dose of losartan influences the healing process after contusion induced muscle injury. Molecular Biology and Pharmacology Injury
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2013
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation as a Method to Maximize the Beneficial Effects of Muscle Stem Cells Transplanted into Dystrophic Skeletal Muscle. Neuromuscular Dystrophy
809C: in-situ Mouse Apparatus 2013
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