The following is a collection of select publications referencing Aurora Scientific instrumentation.  They serve as excellent examples regarding system capabilities, common research applications, methodology and best-practices.

Use the filters and settings to identify publications of interest by research application and associated Aurora Scientific system or component used.

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Title Research Area Disease Model System/Component Year
Fast skeletal muscle troponin activator CK-2066260 increases fatigue resistance by reducing the energetic cost of muscle contraction Exercise & Metabolism Myopathy
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2019
Effects of Prolonged Dietary Curcumin Exposure on Skeletal Muscle Biochemical and Functional Responses of Aged Male Rats Muscle Pathology & Wasting Aging, Atrophy, Sarcopenia
The small-molecule fast skeletal troponin activator, CK-2127107, improves exercise tolerance in a rat model of heart failure. Exercise & Metabolism Cardiovascular
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2015
Characterization of a compartment syndrome-like injury model. Muscle Pathology & Wasting Injury
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2015
Hsp25 and Hsp72 content in rat skeletal muscle following controlled shortening and lengthening contractions. Muscle Pathology & Wasting Dystrophy
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2014
Aging-related changes in the iron status of skeletal muscle. Muscle Pathology & Wasting Aging
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2013
Autologous minced muscle grafts: a tissue engineering therapy for the volumetric loss of skeletal muscle. Artificial Muscle Physiological Tissue Volumetric Muscle Loss
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2013
Whey proteins are more efficient than casein in the recovery of muscle functional properties following a casting induced muscle atrophy. Molecular Biology and Pharmacology Atrophy
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2013
Activation of fast skeletal muscle troponin as a potential therapeutic approach for treating neuromuscular diseases. Neuromuscular Neurodegenerative
806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus 2012
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