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615A: Dynamic Muscle Control and Analysis Software

The 615A Dynamic Muscle Control and High-Throughput Analysis software suite (DMC/DMA-HT) combines our three LabVIEW stand-alone executable programs into one powerful and complete software package. Researchers now have an integrated software suite to handle the entire data collection, control and analysis functions of muscle contractile experiments.

The 610A Dynamic Muscle Control (DMC) LabBook software was designed to enable physiology researchers to study the dynamic mechanical characteristics of muscle tissue. The system is capable of controlling and taking data from all of our 300C series muscle levers, our 400A series of force transducers and our 700A series of stimulators.

DMC LabBook has an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface that guides the user through the step-by-step process of a typical muscle mechanics experiment.  Experimental data collection is highly streamlined, with prompts to enter pertinent parameters about the animal, sample and experimental protocol before data is collected, eliminating the need for handwritten lab notes.   This information is easily searchable and simplifies the process of organizing data records.  DMC LabBook includes a live data monitor of the current length and force to visualize real-time data output without the need to load data files.

The 611A Dynamic Muscle Analysis (DMA) software provides analysis of data recorded using the DMC program. It features an easy-to-use graphical user interface and powerful analysis functions that calculates muscle, work loop, and time-derivative data.  All data can be plotted and analyzed within the program’s many windows. DMA can also be used to analyze 600A Digital Controller data sets.

The 612A Dynamic Muscle Analysis High Throughput software (DMA-HT) is a plug-in module for DMA that automates the analysis of large data sets such as those collected when performing force-frequency, force-time, position-time or fatigue analysis experiments.

The High-throughput module automatically places cursors in your data files, calculates muscle analysis data for a list of files very quickly, then displays the results in a tabular format.  The results are easily exported to Excel.   Each file’s cursors can be manually adjusted afterwards, or the user can optionally disable automatic cursor placement, opting to manually set a timestamp that applies for all data files in the experiment.

Included Components

  • 610A: Dynamic Muscle Control
  • 611A: Dynamic Muscle Analysis
  • 612A: Dynamic Muscle Analysis, High-throughput
  • three programs included in the package, 610A DMC Labbook for control and data acquisition, 611A DMA for analysis and 612A DMA-HT (high-throughput) for automated analysis of large numbers of data files
  • Unique, searchable data management system captures all animal, muscle and study parameters
  • complete control of force, length and stimulation
  • standard muscle mechanics protocols included, plus ability to create fully customizable protocols
  • analyze files from DMC LabBook and 600A
  • work loop, time derivative and line fitting modules
  • force-frequency, force-time, position-time and fatigue analysis included
  • automatically analyses hundreds of data files in seconds


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