The MRL/MpJ Mouse Strain is Not Protected From Muscle Atrophy and Weakness After Rotator Cuff Tear


During this virtual poster, Alex discusses how the MRL/MpJ mouse strain has been touted as a “superhealer”.  However, varying tissues have been reported to display different levels of healing ability. The Medias lab sought to test that ability in skeletal muscle.

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Alex Piacentini, MSc

Christopher Mendias Lab
Hospital for Special Surgery

Alex Piacentini graduated from his undergrad at Binghamton University in 2016 with a BS in Biological Sciences. He then went to Tufts University for a Master’s in Conservation Medicine. This research focused on wildlife conservation and bringing multiple scientific specialties together to encourage collaboration across disciplines. Alex is very interested in the connections within biological systems and using them in novel ways to solve complex, multifactorial problems.