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1205A: Isolated Muscle System – Rat

The 1205A isolated muscle test system is the leading solution for quantifying mechanical properties of isolated muscle. This system is ideal for a number of limb muscles, including the TA, EDL, Soleus, Gastroc, diaphragm strips and smaller muscle samples.

Included is an apparatus designed for rat muscle, complete with a water-jacketed bath and oxygenating bubbler. There is also our flagship Dual-Mode muscle lever system, a high-power field stimulator, data acquisition hardware and control and analysis software. Experimental setup, data collection and data analysis can all be done in a matter of minutes.

Parameters such as resting length, resting force, stimulation and the actual test protocol are all set using the control software. An extensive library of standard experimental protocols such as twitch, tetanus, fatigue, force-frequency, force-velocity, stiffness and work loops are provided with the system.

The experimental apparatus is adjustable, allowing the researcher to lower and raise the bath to attach and manipulate the muscle. Force and length are measured at only one attachment point, minimizing setup time and boosting productivity.

Go Beyond Isometric Measurements

Complete characterization of muscle function is achieved using our 300C series Dual-Mode muscle levers; a force transducer and fast length motor in one. Isotonic, eccentric and force-velocity protocols are easily accomplished and supplement basic isometric twitch and tetanus measurements.

Lightning Fast Data Analysis

Experience high-throughput data analysis, including batch processing and multi-parameter calculations for hundreds of muscle samples within minutes. Downstream analysis can be completed within Aurora Scientific DMC/DMA software or exported to your analysis program of choice.

Precise and Robust Components

We pride ourselves on a long history of supplying some of the most accurate transducers and muscle physiology components for life science research. Our legacy systems date back more than 30 years with a history of quality products that last.

Standard Protocol Library

The protocol library includes a variety of muscle experiments for rat in-vitro studies. Protocols include system operation and data acquisition settings optimized for sample type and measurement needs. Add your own custom protocols as well to streamline system operation with multiple lab members.

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1205B Integrated in vitro Muscle Test System

  • turn-key in-vitro functionality
  • industry leading resolution of isolated muscle measurements
  • fast data acquisition and analysis software for Windows
  • simple to assemble, operate, and expand as your measurement needs change
  • capable of more complex multi-measurement protocols


Models Included With This System

305C: Dual-Mode Muscle Lever

Seamless, flexible control of force and length, with the unique ability to measure one or both in a single lever system designed for mice or rats.

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605A: Dynamic Muscle Data Acquisition And Analysis System

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608C: LCD Monitor

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701C: Electrical Stimulator

The ideal solution for field stimulation with the flexibility and control required for use as a nerve and in situ muscle stimulator.

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800A / 805A: in-vitro Muscle Apparatus

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