Isolated Muscle Test System for Mice

The 1200A isolated muscle test system is a leading solution for quantifying mechanical properties of isolated muscle. This system is ideal for a number of limb muscles including the TA, EDL, Soleus, Gastroc and for diaphragm strips and smaller muscle samples.

Included is apparatus designed for mouse muscle, complete with a water-jacketed bath and oxygenating bubbler. In addition, we include our flagship Dual-Mode muscle lever system along with a high-power field stimulator, data acquisition hardware and control and analysis software. Experimental setup, data collection and data analysis can all be done in a matter of minutes.

Parameters such as resting length, resting force, stimulation and the actual test protocol are all set using the control software. An extensive library of standard experimental protocols such as twitch, tetanus, fatigue, force-frequency, force-velocity, stiffness and work loops are also provided with each package.

The experimental apparatus is adjustable allowing the researcher to lower and raise the bath to attach and manipulate the muscle. Force and length are measured at only one attachment point, minimizing setup time and boosting productivity.

NEW! Order this system with the 150A Integrated Muscle Test Controller.  The 150A is a single unit that combines a lever system, stimulator and USB DAQ card into a single controller. This results in a smaller footprint system with minimal cabling that is portable and can be controlled with laptop! When requesting information or pricing, please reference Model 1200B – Integrated in-vitro Muscle Test System.

  • turn-key in-vitro functionality

  • convenience of one test system capable of studying both mice and rats

  • industry leading resolution of isolated muscle measurements

  • fast data acquisition and analysis software for Windows

  • simple to assemble, operate, and expand as your measurement needs change

  • capable of more complex multi-measurement protocols
  • peak forces accuracy up to 10N (1000g)

Go Beyond Isometric Measurements

Complete characterization of muscle function is achieved using our 300C series Dual-Mode muscle levers, a force transducer and fast length motor in one. Isotonic, eccentric and force-velocity protocols are easily accomplished and supplement basic isometric twitch and tetanus measurements.

Lightning Fast Data Analysis

Experience high-throughput data analysis, including batch processing and multi-parameter calculations for hundreds of muscle samples within minutes. Downstream analysis can be completed with the Aurora Scientific DMC/DMA software or exported to your analysis program of choice.

Precise and Robust Components

Aurora Scientific has a long history of supplying some of the most accurate transducers and muscle physiology components for life science research. Our legacy systems date back more than 30 years with many still in use today..

Standard Protocol Library

The protocol library includes a variety of muscle experiments for mouse in-vitro studies. Protocols include system operation and data acquisition settings optimized for sample type and measurement needs. Custom protocols can be added to streamline system operation with multiple lab members.

Stories of Success

1200A – Easy to Use System Is an Invaluable Tool for Lab


In 2013 Aurora Scientific was approached by Dr. Espen Spangenburg at the University of Maryland about our 1200A test system for working with isolated EDL and soleus muscle taken from mice. Dr. Spangenburg studied the mechanisms of muscle metabolism and intended to make use of in-vitro techniques to perform his research. While Dr. Spangenburg was familiar with these types of experiments from his work with similar home built equipment used in graduate school, he needed something easy to use and reliable for his own lab.


Though the system was essentially a standard configuration, the 1200A proved that it is an easy to use, turnkey system for measuring mechanics of intact excised muscle. Aurora Scientific provided Dr. Spangenburg with a robust, accurate system that was capable of being configured to fit his specific needs. The system was engineered to include an adjustable tissue bath and mounts to simplify experimental setup. In addition, we included our flagship Dual-Mode muscle lever enabling the control of both force and length for a gamut of experimental protocols. Aurora Scientific provided further technical support to Dr. Spangenburg’s students covering software use and best practices for using the system.


Dr. Spangenburg was easily able to set up and configure the equipment to his lab’s needs and obtained high quality contractile data immediately with the first muscle tested using the system. The ability to adjust the tissue bath and mounts to suit their needs provided an avenue for straightforward tissue attachment and Lo measurement for accurate and reproducible experimentation. Control and measurement of force and length allowed the lab to go beyond isometric measurement to test more complex muscle mechanics, such as eccentric and concentric contractions. The test system proved to be easy to use by both professor and student alike and was used by the lab for several subsequent studies. The 1200A enabled them to expand their research resulting in a number of publications and remains an essential piece of equipment for the lab to date.

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System Components

300E: Dual-Mode Muscle Levers

300E: Dual-Mode Muscle Levers

Seamless, flexible control of force and length, with the unique ability to measure one or both in a single and convenient lever system.

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400C: Force Transducers

400C: Force Transducers

The 400C series of force transducers is the next generation of our widely used 400A and 400B series. The 400C series enables contractile measurements from a variety of muscle types and sizes and are designed to meet the needs of muscle researchers.

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605A: Dynamic Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

605A: Dynamic Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Precise, custom software designed for real-time data acquisition, instrument control and data analysis with unique, integrative features. Includes force and SL control capability

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701C: Electrical Stimulator

701C: Electrical Stimulator

Our high-powered, bi-phase stimulator designed for muscle researchers conducting the most demanding field stimulation protocols.

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800C: in-vitro Muscle Apparatus

800C: in-vitro Muscle Apparatus

Flexible design makes these systems the ideal choice for measuring muscle properties of intact muscle tissue in mice and rats

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608C-LCD Monitor

608C: LCD Monitor

A 22” widescreen LCD monitor providing high quality visualization of data collection


Parts & Accessories

Model # 1200A
800-EA Replacement electrode assembly
800-LTC Lower tissue clamp assembly for 800A mouse in-vitro apparatus – includes: electrode clamp, lower tissue clamp, lower tissue plate, support tube and support tube clamp
800-FT Adaptor mount for 400A series force transducers – converts 800A/805A to strictly isometric
800-TB-10 10mL Radnoti tissue bath which mounts to 800A-10mL mouse in-vitro apparatus
800-TB-50 50mL Radnoti tissue bath which mounts to 800A mouse in-vitro apparatus
800-OXY Oxygenating tube for Radnoti tissue bath
800-TC-18 Teflon thermocouple probe for measuring bath temperature
300-3B 3 cm long replacement lever arm, attaches to 300C or older 300B series motors for in-vitro and in-situ measurement
300-4B 4 cm long replacement lever arm, attaches to 305C or older 305B series motors for in-vitro and in-situ measurement
300-CLA Custom length replacement lever arm, attaches to 300/305C or older 300B/305B series motors for in-vitro and in-situ measurement
300-CBL-3 3m replacement motor cable (other lengths available on request)
300-CBL-FR 0.4m long cable to reverse force direction of 300C/305C motor
6350 Replacement motor for 300C dual-mode lever system (Lever arm sold separately)
6650-LR Replacement motor for 305C dual-mode lever system (Lever arm sold separately)
603D 16-bit NI X Series USB A/D with interface
603E 16-bit NI X Series PCI express A/D card
606A (2) 150cm long BNC to BNC cables
607A 50 Ohm BNC terminator to minimize channel crosstalk within signal interface
607B 50 Ohm BNC Tee adapter allowing connection of two BNC cables to one BNC port
615B 2nd Copy of DMC and DMA suite software
615C DMC and DMA suite software upgrade
608C 22” LCD monitor
827A Heated Water Circulator for maintaining temperature of bath solution (North America power ONLY)
830A Half-rack adapter that allows half-rack instruments to be mounted in standard 19” racking (works with models: 400A series and 701C
831A Heavy gauge, steel desktop or shelf-top rack, with standard 19” width for any Aurora Scientific instruments (6U high for 1200A)
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