Myofibril System – Microscope Mountable

The 1700A Myofibril System is the first commercially available myofibril system specifically designed to measure the nano Newton forces arising from activation of single myofibrils. This is a complete test system, including all hardware required to characterize myofibril contraction. The 1700A includes: 470B Myofibril Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Transducer, 340A Piezo Length Controller, temperature controlled bath, 820A Dual XYZ Motion Controller for computer control of both AFM cantilever and glass needle positioning, 821A Dual Motorized XYZ Stages, solution valve controller, solution switching motor driver and our real-time Linux 600A Data Acquisition System.

The 470B Myofibril AFM Transducer utilizes atomic force microscopy and the optical beam deflection method to measure the nano Newton forces that arise from single myofibril activation. The myofibril is held between an AFM cantilever, which acts as a highly-sensitive force transducer, and a glass needle, connected to the 340A Piezo Length Controller. Controlling length and measuring force allows the 1700A Myofibril System to provide complete mechanical characterization of the myofibril. Depending on the cantilever used, the full-scale force is 1-10µN with an astounding resolution of 1nN.

Customizable protocols for mechanical characterization of myofibrils can be performed using our 600A Data Acquisition System and when combined with our optional 901D HVSL sarcomere length measurement software, the researcher can control and measure length, force, and sarcomere length.

The 1700A Myofibril System was invented by Dilson Rassier and Aleksander Labuda, McGill University, Montreal, Canada where it was nicknamed “The Penguin”. The 1700A System is Patent Pending (US Patent Application No.: 13/097,197). Aurora Scientific is the exclusive, worldwide, licensee of the 1700A “Penguin” system.

  • complete test system for permeabilized myofibrils
  • temperature regulated tissue bath
  • simple mounting on an inverted microscope
  • computer controlled, motorized XYZ micro-positioning stages
  • includes buffer valve and of a solution switcher controls

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System Components

600A: Real-Time Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

600A: Real-Time Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

The 600A Digital Controller serves to integrate components and provide the researcher control of system operations, data collection and signal analysis.

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820A: Dual XYZ Motion Controller

820A: Dual XYZ Motion Controller

Closed loop control of motorized stages to easily perform complex micro positioning with stunning precision

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608C-LCD Monitor

608C: LCD Monitor

A 22” widescreen LCD monitor providing high quality visualization of data collection

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470A.Manual.pdf - 470A Myofibril AFM Transducer Instruction Manual