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150A: Integrated Muscle Test Controller

The 150A Integrated Muscle Test Controller is a new family of integrated instruments which combine a standard Aurora Scientific 300C Series Dual-Mode Lever System, 701C Stimulator and USB Data Acquisition hardware into one standard-sized enclosure.  The 150A eliminates all external signal cables since all inputs and outputs between the software and the instruments are made internally in the enclosure.

The 150A can be configured to include any Dual-Mode Lever model up to a maximum force range of 10N so it can be used for a wide range of experiment types and animal models.  It is the ideal choice for researchers who need portability, such as those with limited or non-permanent lab space.

The data acquisition hardware housed within the enclosure offers a USB connection to the PC.  This means that any PC with a standard USB connection, including laptops or small form factor computers may be used.

The specifications of the Dual-Mode Lever System and the Stimulator are unchanged from their counterpart standalone models. As with all Aurora Scientific instruments, the 150A is constructed using corrosion resistant materials.

The 150A Integrated Muscle Test Controller is also available for use with  the 1200B/1205B and 1300B/1305B Complete Systems.

150A-300   Integrated Muscle Test Controller – 300C Dual-Mode Lever

150A-300LR  Integrated Muscle Test Controller – 300C-LR Dual-Mode Lever

150A-305  Integrated Muscle Test Controller – 305C Dual-Mode Lever

150A-305LR   Integrated Muscle Test Controller – 305C-LR Dual-Mode Lever


Footplate Variants: Control and measure torque and angle for in-vivo mechanics of plantar and dorsi flexors.  All models listed above are available in a footplate variant.

  • compact and portable design
  • simple setup – signal cables and connections are internal
  • USB Data Acquisition – plug into any Windows PC
  • use any 300 series Dual-Mode Lever System up to our 10N model
  • 3 extra auxiliary I/O data channels provided
  • standard 19″ rack mount size (3U height)

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