803B: Permeabilized Myocyte Apparatus – Microscope Mountable

The 803B permeabilized myocyte test apparatus is engineered to be a reliable setup for testing the contractile properties of skinned myocytes. A large cell mounting area provides ample room for cell attachment. In addition, push-button controlled motorized stages simplify cell attachment to a high-speed length controller (315C, 322C) and precision force transducer (400A series).

A temperature controlled 8-well bath plate allows for seamless transition of the myocyte between varying calcium concentrations. Direct mounting on an inverted microscope stage allows for observation and sarcomere spacing detection. Additionally, an optional prism reticule can be included to provide accurate measurement of cell cross-sectional area.

Model 803B-XYZ provides motorized XYZ stages for the left and right side of the microscope along with push-button controls, damped rods and mounting platforms. This equipment arrangement provides the researcher with fast and accurate positioning control of both the length controller and the force transducer which is especially important while mounting the cell.

Temperature of the test plate can be controlled from 4 to 40°C within +/- 0.1°C using the supplied Aurora Scientific 825A thermoelectric controller. The 825A also contains a low noise thermocouple thermometer with both a digital readout and a voltage output. An Aurora Scientific model 826A Water Circulator is also included.

  • temperature controlled 4 – 40°C using Peltier modules

  • large cell mounting area beside the 8 working wells

  • adapter fits most common inverted microscopes

  • motorized XYZ translation stages for accurate and fast cell mounting

  • corrosion resistant materials used throughout

  • balanced temperature control design minimizes bath-to-bath temperature changes

  • includes thermocouple for bath temperature readout and separate sensor for plate temperature

  • includes length controller and force transducer mounts


825A Thermocouple Meter / TEC Controller:
Thermometer and TEC Controller controls bath temperature from 0 to 40°C

826A Water Circulator:
Water circulator that provides cooling for 801C, 802D, 803B apparatus. Includes water reservoir, pump and radiator with fan

Stories of Success

1600A – Turnkey Solution Aids Characterization of Cardiac Cell Mechanics in Heart Failure


Dr. Jonathan Kirk was working as a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. David Kass’ lab at Johns Hopkins University who had acquired his own custom built equipment for testing mechanics of heart failure in skinned cardiomyocytes. When Dr. Kirk secured a faculty position at Loyola University in Chicago, he did not have the means to fabricate his own custom apparatus and stages to characterize cardiomyocyte function. He also needed to find a way to integrate his own stepper motor for small-scale length changes in single cell preparations while measuring and monitoring sarcomere length.


Aurora Scientific had worked closely with Dr. Kirk and Dr. Kass previously so we knew we would be able to provide him a complete solution for his new lab. The 1600A Permeabilized Myocyte System was the answer as it included our 803B 8-well skinned myocyte apparatus for various calcium concentrations, 3-axis motorized stages and a complete data acquisition and analysis system. Furthermore, Aurora Scientific provided our 400A series high-resolution force transducer and incorporated our video sarcomere length software (VSL) and camera for measuring and monitoring sarcomere spacing.


The permeabilized myocyte system was provided to Dr. Kirk, which was easily mounted on an inverted microscope and combined with motorized stages to deliver precise control of the transducer and motor for cell attachment and testing. Furthermore, the 8-well bath plate allowed for quick determination of force-pCA in these cells. Additionally, our data acquisition software and VSL enabled full integration of Dr. Kirk’s stepper motor for precise length changes, easily monitored using the VSL camera. The 1600A has provided Dr. Kirk with a system that will allow him to characterize mechanics of heart failure and discover the mechanisms involved, leading the way to the development of potentially ground-breaking treatments for humans with this condition.

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Bath 803B
Number of Baths 8
Bath Volume [µL] 94
Bath Dimensions [mm] 6.35 OD x 2.95 D
Centerline Distance, X-axis [mm] 6.35
Centerline Distance, Y-axis [mm] 6.35
Bottom Cover Slip Dimensions [mm] 22 W x 40 L x 0.17 T (1 ½)
Mounting Slide Dimensions [mm] 76.2 L x 25.4 W x 1 T
Thermoelectric Coolers 803B
Number of TECs 2
Control Temperature [°C] 0 – 40
Power [W] 16
Voltage [V] 8
Thermocouple Microprobe 803B
Model Physitemp IT-18
Type T Thermocouple Copper-Constantan
Time Constant [s] 0.1
Construction 0.064 mm diameter Teflon tube with sealed tip
General Specifications 803B
Weight [gm] 150
Dimensions [cm] 11 W x 16 L x 4.8 H


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