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800A/805A: in-vitro Muscle Apparatus

The 800A (mouse) and 805A (rat) in-vitro muscle apparatus are designed for use with our 300C and 305C Dual-Mode muscle levers, respectively. Flexible in design, these test systems allow vertical, in-vitro measurement of intact muscle in a tissue bath.

The bath is mounted to a vertical translation stage, allowing the researcher to raise and lower the bath for easy access to the tissue during mounting, removal and measurement. The bath is temperature controlled and accompanied by an oxygenating bubbler system. Dual fine/coarse controls permit accurate positioning of the tissue and adjustments of resting tension or muscle length.

For the researcher’s convenience, T-slots on the mounting panel allow all clamps to be rearranged as needed. Likewise, additional instrumentation can be easily added to the mounting panel. Designed for long life, the apparatus is made of corrosion resistant materials, with attention paid to details such as potted electrodes to prevent corrosion.

  • customized for mouse and rat

  • vertical slide for easy access to tissue during mounting and measurements

  • dual coarse/fine translation stage for precision control of lower tissue clamp

  • oxygenated and temperature controlled bath

  • built-in electrode holder with platinum electrodes

  • T-slot design for flexible reconfiguration and corrosion resistant materials


800B Dual-Bath in-vitro Muscle Apparatus For Mouse:
Test both mouse hind limbs simultaneously with two 300C Dual-Mode muscle levers

805B Dual-Bath in-vitro Muscle Apparatus For Rat:
Test both rat hind limbs simultaneously with two 305C Dual-Mode muscle levers

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Apparatus 800A 805A
Type Anodized Extruded Aluminum “T” Profile
Tissue Clamp Movement [mm] ±10
Travel per Knob Rotation [mm] Course: 20
Fine: 2.6
Bath Movement [mm] Nominal: 70
Maximum: 200
Nominal: 100
Maximum: 200
Bath 800A 805A
Type Radnoti Tissue-Organ Bath with T.N.V Dispenser Tube
Volume [ml] 50 100
Maximum Muscle Length [mm] 45 55
Dimensions [mm] 51 OD x 34 ID x 75 D 75 OD x 51 ID x 90 D
Temperature Control Fully water-jacketed with quick disconnect fittings
Stimulation Electrodes 800A / 805A
Holder Material Delrin
Type Pure Platinum Bar
Dimensions [mm] 2 W x 30AWG Thick x 50 L
General Specifications 800A / 805A
Weight [kg] 5.2
Dimensions [cm] 32W x 25D x 52H


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