How to Plan and Execute Contractile Measurements in Permeabilized Muscle Fibers


During this webinar, Dr. Tim West, Chief Technician and Laboratory Manager at the Royal Veterinary College, and Matt Borkowski, Sales and Support Manager at Aurora Scientific, discuss how to plan and expertly execute contractile measurements in permeabilized muscle fibers.

Specifically, Matt provides an overview of the 1400A Permeabilized Muscle Fiber Test System and common protocols used in assessing significant muscle fiber properties, such as power output, cross-bridge cycling, and calcium sensitivity.  Following, Dr. Tim West shares best practices in isolating and preparing single permeabilized muscle fibers to measure the properties Matt describes.  In addtion, he explains how to analyze the data obtained from these assays using real data from his research.

Key topics covered during this webinar include…

  • Basic operating principles and theory of required instrumentation
  • Understanding when and how to apply standard experimental protocols
  • How to prepare samples for experimentation
  • Analyzing real data and discussing the conclusions it provides
  • Curve fitting procedures to determine peak power


Tim West, PhD

Chief Technician and Laboratory Manager
Royal Veterinary College

Matt Borkowski

Sales and Support Manager
Aurora Scientific