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1400A: Permeabilized Fiber System – Microscope Mountable

The 1400A and 1410A Permeabilized Fiber Systems are designed to enhance experimental throughput and simplify complex permeabilized fiber experiments. They provide accurate measurements of fiber properties across a broad range of applications and tests. Performing a force-pCa experiment is a breeze with our automatically indexing bath plate. Pre-program calcium concentrations and activation/relaxation sequences and let the 1400A system do the rest.

Included is temperature controlled apparatus which includes XYZ micrometer stages with built-in mounts for our high-speed length controllers and force transducers. The bath controller features exclusive software with a programmable motion control sequencer for automated bath transfer of the fiber being studied. Also included are a high-speed length controller, precision force transducer, data acquisition hardware and our unique real-time Linux control and analysis software.

Our dedicated software includes a library of experimental protocols, simplifying the process and allowing easy measurement of both force and length. When combined with our optional HVSL/VSL sarcomere length measurement system the researcher can control and measure length, force, and sarcomere length. These advanced features allow researchers to completely characterize permeabilized fibers performing all of the standard tests including force-pCa, kTr, length-tension, force-velocity and stiffness.

The Aurora Scientific permeabilized fiber test system is manufactured using corrosion resistant materials and can easily mount on an inverted microscope for basic observation or more sophisticated imaging.

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1405A Permeabilized/Intact Fiber System Variant:

All the features of our standard 1400A Permeabilized Fiber System with the addition of a large bath for measuring intact fibers. Baths 7 and 8 are combined to form a large intact bath which comes complete with: Platinum stimulation electrodes and perfusion fittings. Test both permeabilized and intact fibers with the same apparatus.

1410A Temperature Jump Variant:

Allows independent temperature control of baths. Bath 1 and 2 are controlled by one 825A TEC controller while baths 3 through 8 are controlled by a second 825A. This allows the researcher to perform temperature jump experimental protocols.

  • streamlined and efficient system to test single, permeabilized fibers
  • temperature controlled 8-well bath plate
  • real-time Linux software with revolutionary automatic indexing
  • resolution as low as 0.01µN
  • control and measure force, length and sarcomere spacing
  • measure force-pCA, kTR, stiffness, length-tension and force velocity relationships
  • force ranges from 0.5 mN to 100mN

1400A – Durable System Helps Researcher Study Thousands of Fibers


In 2004, Dr. Hans Degens was studying changes in skeletal muscle function and morphology.  Dr. Degens was looking to use permeabilized fibers as his test samples as they represent a pure system for studying cross bridge mechanics without bias and artifacts.  Dr. Degens was familiar with the experimental methodology of using skinned fibers but lacked the resources to build a system from scratch that could handle the higher throughput demands of testing human samples.


Aurora Scientific had recently released the 1400A system. This system featured an automatically indexing chamber enabling maximization of fiber throughput. The design also eliminated any manual bath movement, commonly found in designs at the time, thereby protecting the sensitive transducer from breakage.  Dr. Degens’ system was also the first to feature peltier driven temperature control allowing for extremely stable and precise bath temperatures, critical to these measurements.  The powerful 600A digital controller has allowed for nearly every experimental protocol conceived to be executed by the instruments themselves.


The system has been in nearly constant use in Dr. Degens’ lab for the last 11 years and has helped him collect data required for many influential and fascinating studies in exercise physiology, comparative biology and cardiovascular health, amongst countless others.  This initial partnership with Aurora Scientific has led to other projects in whole muscle physiology as well.

Models Included With This System

315C-I/322C: High-Speed Length Controller

Uniquely designed for fast and accurate length control during dynamic contractile experiments.

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403A: Force Transducer

Complete, ready-to-use force transducers designed for fast response, high resolution and low compliance measurement of mechanical properties.

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600A: Real-Time Muscle Data Acquisition and Analysis System

A precision, real-time controller and data acquisition system for Aurora Scientific apparatus and measurement devices.

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608C: LCD Monitor

A 22” widescreen LCD monitor providing high quality visualization of data collection

802D: Permeabilized Fiber Apparatus – Microscope Mountable

A multi-well automated test system for quick and accurate measurement of permeabilized fiber dynamics.

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