The Aurora Scientific team is excited to hit the road and connect with researchers at various scientific meetings this spring!

Are you a current Aurora Scientific user? Send us an email to connect at a conference and discuss your research.

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2019 Spring Scientific Meeting List

Biophysical Society 63rd Annual Meeting
Baltimore, MD. USA, March 02 – 06.

Advances in Skeletal Muscle Biology in Health and Disease
Gainesville, FL. USA, March 06 – 08.

German Neuroscience Society
Gottingen, Germany, March 20 – 23.

Experimental Biology 2019
Orlando, FL. USA, April 06 – 10.

Supporting Research Worldwide

For over thirty years Aurora Scientific instrumentation has been the choice of leading researchers around the world. Our selection of dual-mode lever systems and force transducers are used in a broad array of life science research specialties, including exercise and metabolism, cardiology, injury recovery, gerontology, disease progression, pharmacology and more. Our fast response sensors are considered benchmark instruments in olfaction research studying odor dynamics and pheromone/plume dispersion, and our mechanical stimulator technology is used in studies of the neuronal response to touch, pain and stretch. Many instruments have also been adapted for use by material science researchers studying the properties of artificial muscle, locomotion and nanomaterials.

Today, our staff operate from three locations, supporting ground-breaking research in over 40 countries conducted by our valued clients.

Aurora Scientific Head Office

Canada, United States, South America, Middle East, Africa

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Aurora, ON, Canada
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Aurora Scientific Europe

Serving Europe

8 Terenure Place

Tel: +353-1-525-3300
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Aurora Scientific Asia

Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Unit C, 10/F.
Charmhill Centre
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Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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