At this year’s Small and Mighty Summit in Toronto, Aurora Scientific won the award for Excellence in International Trade. We are honoured to be recognized and take great pride in serving a diverse group of researchers across the globe.

What is Small & Mighty?

Small and Mighty is a business summit focused on sharing the latest industry trends from thought leaders ranging from tech to financial forecasts. The mission at the #SmallandMightySummit is to elevate the small business community and put the right information into the hands of the right people. Through insightful sessions with industry leaders, round-tables and innovative topics, they create ongoing opportunities to accelerate personal, professional and organizational growth.

The Small & Mighty Summit Business Awards celebrates excellence in small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), both for organizations and individuals. The International Trade Award honours existing businesses and organizations for their dedication in pursuing and penetrating global markets and providing diversification, revenues, and jobs.

Supporting Research Worldwide

For over thirty years Aurora Scientific instrumentation has been the choice of leading researchers around the world. Our selection of Dual-Mode lever systems and force transducers are used in a broad array of life science research specialties, including exercise and metabolism, cardiology, injury recovery, gerontology, disease progression, pharmacology and more. Our fast response sensors are considered benchmark instruments in olfaction research studying odor dynamics and pheromone/plume dispersion, and our mechanical stimulator technology is used in studies of the neuronal response to touch, pain and stretch. Many instruments have also been adapted for use by material science researchers studying the properties of artificial muscle, locomotion and nanomaterials.

Today, our staff operate from three locations, supporting ground-breaking research in over 40 countries conducted by our valued clients.

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