Aurora Scientific Acquired by Lafayette Instrument Company

We are pleased to announce that Aurora Scientific Inc. has been acquired on April 17, 2023 by Lafayette Instrument Company and is now a wholly owned subsidiary thereof. The acquisition brings together two leading companies with decades of experience in their respective specialties of life science.

Geoff Chandler, Aurora Scientific’s former owner and President will continue to stay on at the company as its Chief Technology Officer. He writes, “We are excited to partner with Lafayette Instrument Company to grow our business, expand our customer base, and continue to improve our product offerings and support.”

Aurora Scientific customers can expect unchanged communication channels and the same excellent service worldwide. A copy of the Press Release from Lafayette Instrument Company can be downloaded here.

Some frequently asked questions are below:

1. How will the acquisition impact me? What differences will I see?
Customers should not see any immediate changes or differences. In time, we might find opportunities to improve our operations or offerings through this new partnership. Any changes will be communicated as they arise.

2. How will customers benefit from the acquisition?
The combination of Aurora Scientific and Lafayette Instrument Company will create a larger and more diverse team, capable of creating and deploying additional resources and solutions to support our customers. We also hope to find novel ways to integrate our technologies and enable scientists to apply innovative approaches to their research.

3. Will my warranties still be in effect?
Absolutely! All product warranties will be honoured through their term.

4. Will service quality or policies change?
Lafayette Instrument Company and Aurora Scientific will stand behind our products and provide excellent customer service. There will be no changes in any existing warranty, performance guarantee, or support policies.

5. Will my existing contract with Aurora Scientific be honoured?
Yes, all existing contracts will be honoured through their term and reviewed/renewed as appropriate.

6. Will the recent quote you gave me remain valid?
All formal quotations will be honoured through their validity date. Any changes in pricing will occur during normal price review cycles and be communicated accordingly.

7. Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?
All Aurora Scientific staff have been retained and will continue to operate from Ontario, Canada.

8. Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?
Please continue to use all existing Aurora Scientific communication channels. Our main business phone is +1-877-878-4784 and general email for all inquiries is

About Lafayette Instrument Company

Lafayette Instrument Company has over 75 years of experience engineering, manufacturing high quality scientific instrumentation and data acquisition equipment for disciplines such as biology, neuroscience, pharmaceutical and medical research, physical therapy and rehabilitation, security, and law enforcement. Lafayette is positioned at the forefront of neuroscientific discovery, human evaluation, and credibility assessment. Lafayette Instrument is a portfolio company of Branford Castle Partners, LP (“Branford Castle”), a New York City-based private equity firm.