Talking Real Science with Chris Perry

Christopher Perry, PhD, an Associate Professor at York University with the School of Kinesiology & Health Science joined us to talk in detail about his career path that led him to study regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism. As a dedicated customer, Chris specifically highlights how the 1300A 3-in-1 Whole Animal System helps achieve his research goals. Click PLAY to hear the full interview.

A major focus of Chris’ and his lab’s is in rare muscle diseases and cancer and chemotherapy-induced muscle weakness. His passion to help people is demonstrated through his drive to connect clinical communities and patients with basic research communities, providing knowledge translation. Chris also delves into his future plans of creating an alternative unit outside the lab to be able to directly link the science and lab work with the patients in need.

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Christopher Perry

Christopher Perry, PhD

Associate Professor
School of Kinesiology & Health Science
York University