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950A: Calcium Fluorescence System

The 950A calcium fluorescence system enables physiology researchers to easily measure intracellular calcium along with tissue length, force and sarcomere length.  Powerful twitch-based software controls all instruments and collects and analyzes the data.  The entire system can be automated to perform entire experiments in a repeatable fashion.

The 955A FluoroTrack software controls the IonOptix fluorescence photometry equipment and collects the fluorescence signals from the photomultiplier.  Test protocols written using the 600A Protocol Editor control the entire experiment including the stimulator, high-speed length controller, force transducer, apparatus, fluorescence equipment and sarcomere length measurement.  Data collection from all of these instruments is stored in a single time-stamped file.  This highly integrated system allows a single computer to control and store data from many different instruments including those from Aurora Scientific, IonOptix and Sutter (DG-4 light source).

Powerful Twitch Analysis provides an easy-to-use analysis and data export capability. Length, Force, SL, Ratio and Calcium data streams can be analyzed to provide average twitch data and statistics.

Included Components:

  • 955A: FluoroTrack – Calcium Fluorescence Software
  • 960A: FluoroDAQ Data Acquisition Controller
  • 961A: HyperSwitch Dual Excitation Light Source
  • 962A: Cell Framing Adapter
  • 962B CFA Option D: Dual Emission
  • 963A: Photomultiplier Subsystem
  • 964-L Microscope Components – Leica
  • 964-N Microscope Components – Nikon
  • 964-O Microscope Components – Olympus
  • 964-Z Microscope Components – Zeiss
  • 965A Option S: 75W Xenon Light Source
  • integrates with various Aurora Scientific systems to provide simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry with length, force, and sarcomere length
  • controls all Aurora Scientific instruments plus light sources from major manufacturers (IonOptix HyperSwitch and Sutter Lambda DG-4).
  • complete fluorescence photometry system includes hardware and software
  • twitch based data acquisition and analysis ideal for cardiac studies, includes stimulator control
  • system can be configured to work with any indicator fluorophore (BCECF, Fluo-3/4, Fura-2, Indo-1)
  • two operating modes for Fura-2 – interleaved and interpolated numerator
  • calculate ratio or calcium (Ca2+) concentration at up to 1000 samples per second

950A – Software Module Helps Synchronize Cutting Edge Data In Myocyte Research


In late 2013 Dr. Chris Ward of the University of Maryland was working on improving experimental techniques for measuring force, SL and calcium release in single, living myocytes from the FDB muscle.  Dr. Ward had been a long time user of our equipment and was already using our 600A and HVSL software programs to record force and SL.  However, he had been using another lab built solution to measure calcium and was searching for a way to easily synchronize all three measurements.


The Aurora Scientific FluoroTrack software proved to be the missing piece.  FluoroTrack allowed real-time monitoring of calcium transients and integrated seamlessly with the existing HVSL and 600A programs. In addition, Aurora Scientific made minor customizations to be compatible with Dr. Ward’s existing light source and calcium measurement instruments.


After making these configurations Dr. Ward was able to begin collecting synchronized data almost immediately. This integration provided a single, time-stamped file for easy collection and analysis of force, SL and calcium from FDB cells. The data collected were presented at a Biophysical society meeting some short 2 months later and has gone on to be published.  The system is still an integral part of Dr. Ward’s research and the software continues to evolve and be improved thanks to feedback from Dr. Ward’s lab and other researchers.

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