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Fluorescence Measurement

950A: Calcium Fluorescence System

950A: Calcium Fluorescence System

Complete calcium contractility system including light source, optics, photomultipliers and twitch-based software

955A: FluoroTrack – Calcium Fluorescence Software

FluoroTrack is powerful, twitch-based, software that enables physiology researchers to easily measure intracellular calcium along with tissue length, force and sarcomere length.

Content for the Muscle Physiologist

  • Talking Real Science with Chris Perry

Talking Real Science with Chris Perry

September 16th, 2022|Interviews, Muscle Physiology, Videos|

Christopher Perry, PhD, an Associate Professor at York University with the School of Kinesiology & Health Science joined us to talk in detail about his career path that led him to study regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism. As a dedicated customer, Chris specifically highlights how the 1300A 3-in-1 Whole Animal System helps achieve his research goals.

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