Non-invasive Assessment of Dorsiflexor Muscle Function in Mice


Measurement of rodent skeletal muscle contractile function is a useful tool that can be used to track disease progression as well as efficacy of therapeutic intervention. Here, Frederico Gerlinger-Romero of Deakin University and colleagues at University of Maryland and La Trobe University describe how to conduct repetitive, non-invasive in vivo assessment of the dorsiflexor muscles over time in the same mouse.

Date Published: 01/17/2019, Issue 143; doi: 10.3791/58696

Gerlinger-Romero, F., Addinsall, A.B., Lovering, R.M., Foletta, V.C., van der Poel, C., Della-Gatta, P.A., Russell, A.P. Non-invasive Assessment of Dorsiflexor Muscle Function in Mice. J. Vis. Exp. (143), e58696, doi:10.3791/58696 (2019).

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