Aurora Scientific is a company that prides itself on its dedication to scientific research through technical expertise, client support and ongoing innovation and product development. But we also pride ourselves on our spirit of community outreach, supporting the world outside the doors of our offices. What community outreach? Here are a few recent examples.

03-DuaneAndRoboticsOur R&D Programmer, Duane, is actively involved as a youth mentor in annual competitive robotics events throughout North America. This competition series, organized by the US Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), partners high school students with industry mentors from the community who guide them through the design and build of a robot. The robot is to complete a given task, defined at the beginning of the year. The competition winner earns significant bragging rights but all competitors come away with a vision of how science, technology, engineering and math can come together in a very cool way. Congratulations to Duane for his many years of involvement as a mentor.

03-MattAndTheTire Our Sales Manager, Matt, is passionate about working out and fitness, always testing the limits of what his muscles can do. Historically, Matt’s gym club has contributed food items to the Daily Bread Food Bank in downtown Toronto, but this year they decided to contribute funds instead. They decided to create a fundraising calendar, showcasing their smiles and flexed muscles. Talk about muscle activation! We’re proud of the dedication Matt shows to his local community. Be sure and ask him about the calendar the next time you see him at a conference.

03-LoriTheCanadaDayClownOn July 1, our Finance Manager, Lori, donned a top had, red nose and really big shoes to help Gooderham, a local community north of Toronto, celebrate Canada Day, continuing a tradition she began 5 years ago. Dressed mas Clara the Canada Day Clown, Lori clowns around with three to twelve year old kids, leading them through a day of rubber chicken throwing, water gun fights, balloon chasing and, from the sounds of it, a lot of good eating. Lori is passionate about kids, her country and having fun. What a combination!

03-LivAndTomAnd, for the third year in a row, ASI fielded a team in this year’s Rebecca Run, this time with a total of 12 people participating. The Rebecca Run is a 5km run/walk that raises funds for the families of children who are afflicted with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA is a disease that affects very young children, leaves them with a very poor prognosis and places a very heavy burden on families. The Rebecca Run is ASI’s opportunity to offer support to an area of muscular disease that goes beyond our business mandate and beyond our technical expertise. It just makes us feel good.

03-LoriBestBallFinally, just for good measure, a photo from our recent company golf tournament, not because it’s a community event but just because we have fun together. This is a shot of Lori experiencing the exhilaration of her first ever Best Ball. Funny, that same sense of exhilaration is what we all feel when we learn hear about our clients’ successes using ASI equipment.