The team at Aurora Scientific recently celebrated our 30th anniversary.  From our humble beginnings as a custom design and engineering firm, Aurora Scientific has grown into a company with three standard product lines, muscle physiology, odor/gas detection and mine safety.

Our muscle physiology equipment are used to investigate varied areas of scientific inquiry including heart and stroke research, exercise physiology, injury recovery and adaptation and neuro-muscular disease progression. ASI’s odor/gas detection equipment provide solutions to neuroscience researchers and to military and environmental specialists.  Our mine safety equipment includes microseismic monitoring and ground penetrating radar data loggers.

We are privileged to have loyal clients in over 30 different countries around the globe.  Our clients include some of the world’s top universities, hospitals, private and government research organizations.

No matter where you located on the planet, Aurora Scientific would not be here without you.  We’ve grown into what we are today thanks to our clients incredible loyalty, support and continued feedback which keeps us on the cutting edge of research.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported ASI over the past 30 years.


John and Matt Cooking up a Feast for our 30th

Stay tuned to the blog as we continue to celebrate this milestone and announce special promotions, events and giveaways to express our gratitude.

We’ve kicked off the celebration with a press release posted on our webpage detailing our anniversary and history.


The ASI Team Celebrating

Thanks again for your continued support.  We’d love to hear from you as we celebrate.


Geoff Chandler Cutting the Anniversary Cake