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Aurora Scientific Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Aurora Scientific Celebrates 30th Anniversary

By In News Releases On May 25, 2012

Aurora, ON. based technology firm has delivered innovative solutions to scientific researchers around the world since 1982.

May 25, 2012

Aurora, ON, May 25, 2012—Aurora Scientific, a world leader in providing technological solutions to the medical, environmental and geophysical sciences, celebrates its 30th year in business. Since its founding as an R&D consulting firm on May 25, 1982, Aurora Scientific has delivered a varied and increasingly complex selection of instrumentation used by researchers around the world. Aurora Scientific provides products and service to a wide range of industries, including educational institutions, research hospitals, private laboratories, military departments and commercial enterprise.

“Over the past 30 years our original R&D goals have expanded to include design, manufacturing and both hardware and software solutions. Today we offer a wide range of high performance products, complete systems and the opportunity for ongoing collaboration as research continues”, said Geoff Chandler, President and Owner of Aurora Scientific. “This means our R&D arm remains very responsive to our clients’ needs, and a hallmark of Aurora Scientific’s success“.

Air cannon dispersion testing

Air cannon dispersion testing

Aurora Scientific is internationally recognized as a leader in innovative design of specialized research instrumentation. Understanding that scientific inquiry often requires customized solutions to unique and complex problems, Aurora Scientific is committed to providing design services to clients based on their individual needs. Muscle levers and force transducers are the foundation of the company’s medical research instruments, with continual development of associated apparatus and accessories to provide that tailored solution. In other areas, environmental scientists and geophysical researchers rely on Aurora Scientific’s data analysis hardware and software solutions. Researchers continue to use Aurora Scientific’s technology in novel and interesting ways, from studying comparative physiology of zoo animals; pain receptor functioning; odour tracking of insects and its application to autonomous robots; extending muscle mobility with age; how the body adapts and recovers after injury; ground penetrating radar and the measurement of micro-seismic events, ensuring safe mine expansion; and the identification and tracking of atmospheric gases for predictive modeling of pollutant dispersion.

Located in Aurora, ON since 1995, the company now sells to over 30 countries. Co-owned by a husband and wife team and with a loyal staff of 9, Aurora Scientific has fostered a cohesive and caring corporate family. The highly trained staff are dedicated professionals, committed to innovative design, quality production standards and top-level customer service. In the last year, the company saw the opening of AURORA SCIENTIFIC Europe in Dublin, Ireland, ensuring improved access and service for their European customers. The company’s track record of results and success due to its investment in people, processes, and technology, is continuing to drive growth, making Aurora Scientific’s 30th year look very bright.

About Aurora Scientific Inc.

Aurora Scientific Inc. is a leading science and technology firm providing high performance measurement instrumentation to a niche market of scientific researchers in over 30 countries around the world. Their 300 Series Muscle Levers and High-Speed Length Controllers, 400 Series Force Transducers, 600 Series Data Acquisition Hardware and Software, 700 Series Electrical Stimulators and 800 Series Test Apparatus are used to investigate varied areas of scientific inquiry including heart and stroke research, exercise physiology, injury recovery and adaptation and neuro-muscular disease progression. Aurora Scientific’s 500 Series line includes micro-seismic transmitters and data loggers as well as data acquisition and analysis capabilities for ground penetrating radar with applications in the mining industry. Aurora Scientific’s 100 and 200 Series of Fast-Response Gas Sensors provide solutions to neuroscience researchers and to military and environmental specialists. Aurora Scientific has offices in Canada and Ireland and a distribution centre in Asia. For more information about Aurora Scientific Inc., visit www.AuroraScientific.com or call: 1-905-727-5161 or Toll Free: 1-877-878-4784 (N. America); in Europe call +353-1-525-3300.


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