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Nanomaterials / MEMS

Aurora Scientific instruments are often used to study nanomaterials and MEMS in microfabrication research. Understanding how to improve these materials and how they work requires specialized instrumentation that can resolve the small movements and forces produced. Aurora Scientific transducers and length controllers have been used to help test and improve the unique mechanical properties of various MEMS, microspheres and nanomaterials.

Mechanical Testing of Compliant Nano and Micro-mechanical Materials

carbon nanotubes (CNTs), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microspheres, fullerenes

MEMS Research, Microspheres, Carbon Nanotubules Products:

300C: Dual-Mode Muscle Levers

300C: Dual-Mode Muscle Levers

Seamless, flexible control of force and length, with the unique ability to measure one or both in a single and convenient lever system
400A: Force Transducers

400A: Force Transducers

Complete, ready-to-use force transducers designed for fast response, high resolution and low compliance, measuring a wide range of forces


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