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Aging and Skeletal Muscle Plasticity

By In All Videos, Webinars On July 21, 2021

LIVE DATE:  WED, SEPT 29, 2021

Join Sue Bodine, PhD for a deep dive into her research focused on the decline in muscle mass with aging and the role that innervation plays in muscle atrophy.


Skeletal muscle makes up greater that 45% of total body weight and is important for general health and wellness because of its primary role in movement, as well as, its role in the control of systemic functions such as glucose homeostasis, thermoregulation and metabolism. Muscle adapts to a variety of signals to modify its size and function throughout life, however, the adaptability of muscle to increased loading and activity is diminished with age. During aging, loss of muscle mass and strength is a function of deleterious changes to multiple components of the neuromuscular system. Proper communication between motoneurons and muscle is critical for the maintenance of muscle mass and force development.

In this webinar, Sue will discuss potential mechanisms regulating the loss of muscle mass during aging, with particular emphasis on the role of denervation/reinnervation. She will also discuss the potential role of denervation in the attenuated recovery of muscle mass and strength following disuse atrophy observed with aging


Sue Bodine

Sue Bodine, Ph.D.

Professor of Internal Medicine
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine