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604A: Data Acquisition Signal Interface

The 604A A/D Interface was designed to enable physiology researchers to easily interface a Dual-Mode muscle lever, force transducer, high-speed length controller and stimulator to a National Instruments PC-based A/D card. The 604A Interface consists of a 1U (1.75”) high, 19” wide, rack-mount case with BNC connectors on the front and a ribbon cable connector on the back. Each interface includes six BNC patch cables, six BNC terminators and one BNC T-fitting. The front-panel connections are separated into 3 main groups: A/D inputs, D/A outputs and digital I/O.

There are eight (8) analog-to-digital (A/D) inputs labeled: Length In, Force In, and Aux 1 through 6. All inputs are connected in a differential mode. There are two (2) digital-to-analog (D/A) outputs labeled Length Out and Force Out.

The 604A A/D also has six (6) digital input/output (Digital I/O) connectors labeled Trg In 1, Trg In 2, Stimulator, Inhibit, Trg Out 1 and Trg Out 2. Trg In 1 and 2 are input triggers that allow external devices to trigger the A/D software. Trg Out 1 and 2 are output triggers that allow the A/D software to trigger some external device. These output triggers can also be configured to allow the software to switch a relay on or off.

The Stimulator connection is used to connect the A/D software to an external stimulator. Depending on the stimulator being used, the output from the Stimulator connector may simply trigger the stimulator to perform a pre-set stimulation routine or the program can be used to control pulse width, pulse frequency, frequency duration, train, train frequency, and train duration.

Included Components:

  • 606A: BNC
  • 607A: BNC Terminator
  • 607B: BNC T Connector

604B: Quad Signal Interface with Stimulation Switch

Control up to four setups with a single data acquisition system, also includes a stimulator switch.

604D: Dual Signal Interface

Connect two setups to a data acquisition system.

  • interfaces with Aurora Scientific force transducers, length controllers, muscle levers and stimulator.
  • connects to PC via National Instruments M Series A/D card
  • rack mountable
  • includes BNC cables, terminators (50 Ohm) and T-fitting
  • eight A/D inputs: accepts analog signals in range of -10 to +10 V
  • two D/A outputs: generates analog voltages in range of -10 to +10V
  • six digital I/O connectors: triggers external devices, stimulator


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