Industry Insights with Chris Rand from Aurora Scientific

On this episode of #ShareScience, Chris Rand, MSc, Sales and Marketing Manager, delves into the start and evolution of Aurora Scientific, and our journey within the preclinical research world. He also discusses our path into the neuroscience space, and future directions the company is headed towards.

As the miniPID grew in the field of olfaction, we realized that a lot of labs use it as a validation tool for an odor delivery system called an olfactometer. These systems are often built in-house, and they’re really hard to maintain if you build your own. They’re also difficult to find commercially. In order to better serve these researchers and provide an easy-to-use, reliable tool, we commercialized an olfactometer designed by Dmitry Rinberg, which was originally called the 206A. We’ve since modified and improved upon this design in our latest 220A Olfactometer, which can easily integrate with our miniPID and other equipment like functional MRIs, behavioral mazes, and reward systems. Very excited about that.

Aurora Scientific provides precision instrumentation of the highest quality, design, construction, and functionality to support research and discovery. Listen to find out what exciting new Industry Insights are coming from Aurora Scientific!

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Chris Rand

Chris Rand, MSc

Sales & Marketing Manager
Aurora Scientific