Health and Wellness is an important part of life here at Aurora Scientific Inc. This past winter, the entire Canadian ASI staff of nine joined in to walk their way to a healthier lifestyle. Aurora Scientific Inc. provided all staff with pedometers to track their daily steps in an effort to increase activity over an eight week period.  It was a great way to become aware of just how much or how little walking we actually did each day.  It was tough at times, given the cold snowy winter we had here in Ontario, but everyone was committed and pushed through the cold temperatures.

The Results?  ASI staff walked a total of 2,278,858 steps during the winter eight week challenge, equating to over 1,700 kilometres!

We had some good natured competitions and we are happy to say everyone enjoyed the challenge and recorded substantial increases in average daily steps by the end of the eight week challenge.  We have continued to be aware of our daily step counts with many of the staff continuing to wear their pedometers and head out for walks during lunch.

To further our health and wellness focus we encouraged staff to make healthy food choices by providing healthy snacks here at the office. We said goodbye to the cookies and hello to some tasty fruit, vegetables and other healthy food choices.

Health and Wellness is alive and well here at Aurora Scientific Inc!