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Core Values

About Us

For over thirty years Aurora Scientific measurement instrumentation has been the choice of leading science researchers around the world. Our selection of Dual-Mode lever systems and force transducers are used in a broad array of life science research specialties, including exercise and metabolism, cardiology, injury recovery, gerontology, disease progression, pharmacology and more. Our fast response sensors are considered benchmark instruments in olfaction research studying odor dynamics and pheromone/plume dispersion, and our mechanical stimulator technology is used in studies of the neuronal response to touch, pain and stretch. Many instruments have also been adapted for use by material science researchers studying the properties of artificial muscle, locomotion and nanomaterials. Legacy instruments used in the field of environmental monitoring and mine operations are still in use today.

Mission Statement

Aurora Scientific is committed to creating products that answer questions and solve problems. We value excellence, innovation, responsiveness and the satisfaction of a job well done. And we share the researcher’s desire to broaden the boundaries of knowledge and understanding.

Core Values

Aurora Scientific, a trusted provider of instrumentation for research in muscle physiology, neuroscience and material science.

Aurora Scientific supports the scientific community in its goal of research and discovery by providing instrumentation of the highest quality design, construction and functionality. Our commitment to quality products, to understanding our clients’ experimental needs, to superior support and service and to a corporate sense of responsibility and integrity, have earned us the trust and support of researchers around the world. We are honoured to be a part of the cycle of discovery that has the potential to improve health and change lives.

The values that we promote with our clients and within our organization are:

  • Loyalty – faithfulness to the commitment we’ve made to those who we deal with and to the principles that guide us
  • Integrity – acting according to our moral and ethical principles; fulfilling our promises and standing behind our performance
  • Dedication – a steady belief in the value of our work, allowing us to withstand setbacks in the pursuit of a solution
  • Collaboration – work based on shared values and objectives and on mutual trust and support, the key to solving problems
  • Humility – confidence and pride in what we do, yet with an awareness that we are just one part of a larger objective. We celebrate our successes with discretion and those of our clients with respect.