Customer Testimonials

Chen-Ming Fan, PhD

“Our recent publication in Nature Medicine would not have been possible without the help of the Aurora Scientific team and the 1300A in-situ system.”

Carter Ralphe, PhD

“The Aurora Scientific 801C Small Intact Muscle Apparatus is a real work horse in our lab. It has been employed almost daily for the past 8 years, generating detailed contractile data from our mouse and human engineered cardiac constructs. Geoff and Aurora Scientific have worked to tailor their system to our needs, adapting the apparatus to be able to measure oxygen consumption, calcium transients, and force generation in our small muscle preparations. There is no other off-the-shelf system available with similar capabilities. Aurora Scientific stands by their products, and have proven to be very reliable partners in research.”

Carter Ralphe, PhDUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Pieter De Tombe, PhD

“I’ve worked with Aurora Scientific and have used their equipment in my lab for many years. They have always provided useful tools at a fair price. They have the best interests of the researcher at heart and have always tried to help when needed.”

Pieter de Tombe, PhDLoyola University, Chicago

Meghan Hughes, PhD

“Technical support is the #1 reason I would recommend Aurora Scientific to colleagues. They are incredibly responsive and go out of their way to answer questions and make sure we get the protocols we need up and running. Chris in particular has spent a ton of time helping design protocols, helping set up equipment over Skype and in person and reviewing data files to ensure everything is running smoothly. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their products. Chris and Matt go above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to collect good data. They provide the best technical service and support out of any company I have worked with to date.”

Meghan Hughes, York University

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