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825A: Thermocouple Meter / TEC Controller

The 825A Thermocouple Thermometer/TEC Controller was designed to control and measure the temperature of the Aurora Scientific physiology apparatus with accuracy and precision.  Each controller works with Peltier modules to maintain the temperature of a bath in the range 0 to 40ºC within ±0.1ºC.

The 825A TEC Controller includes two LED digital displays: the right can be switched to show either Process or Setpoint temperature in ºC, the left shows measured thermocouple temperature in ºC. Setpoint is the desired temperature, while Process is the temperature measured by a temperature sensor built into the apparatus. A thermocouple thermometer is included in the 825A to allow accurate temperatures to be measured at a selected point of interest.  A Physitemp microprobe T-type thermocouple is included with the 825A that can be used with the thermometer function.  This probe is encapsulated in a Teflon jacket to prevent contamination of experimental fluids.

To achieve fast temperature changes with very good long-term stability the control electronics uses a proportional/integral/derivative (PID) servo control.

Temperature Jump Variant:

825A-TJ: Thermocouple Meter/TEC Controller – Temperature Jump
Modified 825 for control of baths 1 and 2 on 802D-TJ Permeabilized Fiber Temperature Jump Apparatus

  • temperature control of Peltier Modules, 0 – 40°C, + 0.1°C
  • designed for use with Aurora Scientific 801C, 802D and 803B apparatus.
  • includes thermocouple thermometer for bath temperature measurement
  • PID servo control loop for fast response and stability
  • monitors AD950 temperature sensor within Aurora Scientific apparatus
  • includes Aurora Scientific 826A Water Circulator


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