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802D: Permeabilized Fiber Apparatus – Microscope Mountable

The Aurora Scientific 802D Permeabilized Fiber Test Apparatus is designed for ease-of-use, allowing researchers to automatically measure fiber dynamics at varying pCa with the push of a single button.

The eight well bath plate is corrosion resistant and allows the researcher to test multiple solutions without the need to empty and re-fill baths. Bath 1 is the largest bath to allow easy fiber attachment and includes right angle prisms on either side for accurate measurement of fiber cross section.

Each apparatus contains XYZ micrometer stages with built-in mounts for Aurora Scientific high-speed length controllers (315C, 322C) and force transducers (400A Series). Utilizing a microprocessor-based controller and our 600A software, the researcher can define which bath the fiber is placed in at specified time points.

Importantly, moving the bath plate rather than the fiber ensures a much more accurate measurement of force and reduces the chance of tissue damage. Position sensors ensure bath placement accuracy to better than +/- 0.025mm.

Components included are:

825A: Thermocouple Meter / TEC Controller

825A: Thermocouple Meter / TEC Controller

Thermometer and TEC Controller controls bath temperature from 0 to 40°C

826A: Water Circulator

Water circulator that provides cooling for 801C, 802D, 803B apparatus. Includes water resevoir, pump and radiator with fan

Bath Size Variants

802D-120 Permeabilized Fiber Test Apparatus, 120µL bath
802D-160 Permeabilized Fiber Test Apparatus, 160µL bath

Temperature Jump Variant

802D-120-TJ Temperature Jump Permeabilized Fiber Test Apparatus, 120µL bath

(120µL bath with separate temperature control for baths 1 & 2 and for baths 3 through 8, includes 2 825A TEC Controllers)

  • 8-well, temperature controlled bath plate (0-40°C within +/-0.1°C)
  • fully automatic indexing from any bath to any other at the push of a button
  • fast bath-to-bath transitioning (1.2s)
  • XYZ micrometer translators included
  • optional bath volume of 120 µl or 160 µl
  • bath 1 designed for easy attachment of sample fiber, featuring right angle prisms for visualization of the fiber in profile
  • glass bottom baths for sample observation under a dissection or inverted microscope
  • microprocessor-based motion controller and TEC controller
  • corrosion resistant materials used throughout

802D – Motorized Bath for Permeabilized Fibre Experiments


In 2003 Prof. John Faulkner’s Lab at the University of Michigan was about to undertake a multiyear test program of over a thousand permeabilized fiber samples from humans. They needed a method of automating calcium switching.

The sheer volume of fibers that needed testing required a system that was robust enough to be used by undergraduates on a daily basis, with no damage to force transducers or motors. No commercially available apparatus existed at the time and any home-made units suffered from reliability issues.


After consultation with Faulkner’s lab, Aurora Scientific designed and built the 802A permeabilized fiber apparatus featuring 6 wells, temperature control and switching speeds of about 1 second. The chamber was integrated as a system with our force transducer and motor. The apparatus could repeatedly place the bath at the exact location every time, without damage to the fiber or test equipment.


Three complete systems were supplied to the Faulkner lab for the price of home-built units. These systems have been in almost continuous operation for the past 6 years and thousands of fibers have been tested by many different undergraduate workers. Updated versions of this system have been acquired by many of the leading fiber research labs worldwide.

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