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806D: in-situ Rat Apparatus

The 806D rat apparatus allows researchers to provide the “complete picture” of muscle properties (in-vitro, in-situ and in-vivo) in a single, easy to use test system.

The 806D platform can be quickly configured to include a 25mL bath plate, allowing researchers to assess isolated, intact muscle contractions in-vitro (using a lever arm). Alternatively, this bath can be removed and replaced with an animal and limb plate for measuring contractions in-situ (with a lever arm) or in-vivo (with a foot plate). The moveable animal platform allows clear access to the animal while positioning the limb.

Several mount locations are available for a variety of limb clamps suited to the researcher’s needs. The platform can also be temperature controlled to ensure body temperature is regulated.

The associated lever system (300 series) is mounted on translation stages to allow accurate positioning of the lever with respect to the limb. In addition, the motor mount contains a fine translation stage for setting resting tension. The 806D apparatus is engineered to last, utilizing corrosion resistant material and a T-slot design for future expansion.

in-vitro Bath Variant:

806D-IV: in-vitro Rat Apparatus

Perform in-vitro experiments on intact rat muscle in the 25 mL horizontal bath

  • in-vitro, in-situ and in-vivo muscle experimentation in one platform
  • designed specifically for rat applications
  • simple to switch between configurations
  • flexible limb clamping
  • adjustable animal platform with option for temperature control using a circulating bath
  • dual coarse/fine translation stage
  • T-slot design for flexibility and expansion
  • corrosion resistant materials

1305A – Footplate Configuration for Rats Invaluable to the Study of Muscle Damage


In 2012, Marius Locke at the University of Toronto had been studying skeletal muscle damage and the role that heat shock proteins (HSPs) play in protecting the muscle from stress induced damage, such as exercise.

806D – Animal Platform An Important Tool for Further Regenerative and Translational Medicine Efforts


In 2013 Dr. George Christ, then of WFIRM, was studying links between gene expression and functional changes in muscle and other tissues.

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