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890A: in-situ Large Animal Apparatus

The 890A Large Animal Test Apparatus and its variants (891A and 892A) enable physiology researchers to test and measure muscle responses in the hind limbs of dogs, sheep, swine and larger animals in-situ or in-vivo.

This apparatus is available in three configurations: isometric (890A and 892A) and isometric/isotonic (891A). The isometric configurations measure force-frequency and muscle fatigue, while isometric/isotonic measures force-frequency, fatigue, eccentric contractions, force-length, force-velocity, work and stiffness.

The apparatus provides accurate limb fixation, an animal footplate, a force sensor and/or motor and linear translators to adjust the footplate position with respect to the animal’s limb. It can be used with either hind limb.

The tri-axis positioner allows easy alignment of the footplate with respect to the animal and fine motor movement to adjust resting length or resting tension. The 890A or 892A apparatus come complete with a torque cell while the 891A is designed for use with a 309C or 310C Dual-Mode muscle lever (purchased separately).

Large Animal Isometric/Eccentric Footplate Apparatus Variant:

891A: Large Animal Footplate Test Apparatus – 309C/310C
Measure force-frequency, fatigue, eccentric contractions, force-length, force-velocity, work and stiffness with the addition of a 309C/310C Dual-Mode muscle lever

892A: Swine Isometric Footplate Test Apparatus
Easily test in-vivo muscle tissue mechanics in swine and other large animals

  • apparatus designed to test in-vivo/in-situ muscle mechanics in large animals such as swine, dogs and sheep.
  • flexible limb clamping, easily adjust location of clamp with respect to the animal’s hind limb
  • ability to test both hind limbs with ease, increase throughput
  • available in three configurations, isometric for simple mechanics (890A for dogs, 892A for swine) and isometric/isotonic for more complex protocols
  • tri-axis positioner provides easy positioning of the footplate with respect to the animal
  • fine translation stage on sensor allows accurate setting of resting tension
  • T-slot design provides flexibility to easily add additional apparatus
  • corrosion resistant materials used throughout
  • robust design


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