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Aurora Scientific’s Commitment To Europe & the UK, Post-Brexit

Aurora Scientific’s Commitment To Europe & the UK, Post-Brexit

By In Blog On June 30, 2016

Following the result of the UK’s referendum to exit the European Union, Aurora Scientific would like to assure all of our valued European and UK clients that we will make no changes to our Euro pricing in the short term. We will continue to use our current Euro price list until August 1, 2016 at minimum. If you have an outstanding quotation from us, be assured that our policy is to honour that quotation as written.  All quotations are valid for 90 days.

As a Canadian company we benefit from the fact that the Euro has not dropped as much against the Canadian dollar as it has against the US currency. Therefore, we have confidence in extending this offer at this time. If you are thinking about placing an order, we do advise doing so before August 1.

To our valued UK clients, we will continue to support you through our Dublin office as we have for the past five years.  Although the devaluation of the UK £ may put a strain on your budgets and there is some short term uncertainty, we anticipate no material changes in dealing with us for at least the next 2 years. Science will continue to be important to the UK economy, your work will continue to be valued and we will continue to support you.

“Our clientele in Europe and the UK make valuable contributions to the world of scientific research. We don’t want current geopolitical and economic instability to jeopardize their access to the best measurement instrumentation available. Our business will respond to their needs as best we can, respecting the need for continued research.” (Geoff Chandler, President)

If you have any questions about your quotations, orders or installed instruments please feel free to contact Rufus O’Brien at our Dublin office at +353-1-525-3300.

Aurora Scientific will continue to support our clients across Europe and the UK with the finest products, sold and supported through our Dublin office.


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